Laboratory of physicochemical investigations

The laboratory was established in 2002. The Head of the laboratory is L. Ivashkevich, Ph. D., Associate professor.

  Directions of the research activity:

  •  x-Ray diffraction investigations of molecular and crystal structures of organic and inorganic compounds using both single crystals and powders;
  •  investigation of physicochemical processes of spontaneous and directed nanostructuring of silicon single crystal surfaces.

Main achievements:

  • crystal and molecular structure of more than 100 tetrazole derivatives has been determined, which represent complexes of tetrazoles with transition metals, substituted tetrazoles and tetrazolium salts:

- complete characteristic of crystal structure of the compounds (metric data, bond lengths, valency and torsion angles, coordination polyhedras,
packing of the molecules in the crystal, the system of hydrogen bonds and others) has been obtained,
- new ways of coordination of ligands have been identified and their relation to with the nature of the ligands has been established,
- ability of 1,5 - dialkiltetrazols to bridging coordination through the tetrazole cycle has been discovered,
- effect of differences in coordination properties inherent to 1H- and 2H- isomers of substituted tetrazols on the structure of coodinating compounds have been studied,
- influence of the nature of the tetrazole cycle substituents on the character of the crystal complex architecture has been investigated,
- spin state of iron(II) and cobalt(II) in complexes has been investigated on the basis of X-ray data,
- methodology of structural investigations of complexes by a powder diffraction method which permitted to establish the structure of a significant number of poorly-crystallizing compounds has been developed;

  • crystal and molecular structure of 50 biologically active compounds (steroids, homogonanes etc.) has been established;
  • a set of experimental and technological equipment to investigate regularities of nanomorphology transformation of solid surfaces in various physicochemical conditions has been created.


  •   method of complete X-ray analysis of crystalline substances implemented into the practice of scientific research;
  •   a set of programs «Diamond» assighned for the computer simulation of the process of diamond type single crystals dissolution.

Main publications of the last years:

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