Laboratory of catalysis of polymerization processes

The laboratory was established in 2008. The Head of the laboratory is S. Kostjuk, Ph.D., Professor.

Directions of the research activity:

– traditional and controlled/«living» cationic polymerization;

– vinyl monomers in an aqueous medium (suspension, dispersion, emulsion);

– isobutylene, dienes and monomers isolated from renewable raw materials, on modified «classical» Lewis acids (AlCl3, RnAlCl3-n);

– development of new approaches to the synthesis of polyisobutylene with terminal olefinic groups;

– synthesis of the biodegradable (co)polymers based on ε-caprolactone, D,L-lactide and glycolide (search for new catalysts (co)polymerization, synthesis of new biomaterials for regenerative medicine);

– synthesis of amphiphilic block copolymers with RITP method;

– development of methods for the synthesis and modification of petroleum resins based on oil refining industrywaste – monomer pyrolysis C5-C9.

Main achievements:

– a number of unique catalytic systems for the cationic polymerization in aqueous media and synthesizing functionalized oligomers of isoprene, styrene and its derivatives has been developed;

– available, cheap and efficient catalytic systems based on complexes of AlCl3 (EtAlCl2 and BuAlCl2) with ethers for the synthesis of polyisobutylene with a high content of exo-olefinic end groups – a key intermediate for the preparation of additives in motor oils and fuels have been proposed;

– effective catalysts for the synthesis of biodegradable (co)polymers with controlled molecular weight and narrow molecular weight distribution have been developed for use in regenerative medicine.



•  technology of production by a catalytic method of petroleum resins for use as a coating formingcomponents in the lacquer paint compositions and sizing component of wood chipboard;
•  technology of production of the oil polymer precursor by a catalytic method for use as a film-forming component in the lacquer paint compositions.


Main publications of the last years:

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