Laboratory of nanochemistry

The laboratory was established in 1978 г.                                               
The Head of the laboratory is M. Artemyev, D.Sc., Laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus.

Mikhail Artemyev was awarded by State Prize in Science and Technology for 2012

Directions of the research activity: • colloidal chemical synthesis of micro-and nanostructured materials of inorganic or composite nature;
• directed chemical modification of the properties of nanostructures, surface functionalization;
• investigation of the fundamental optical, electrical and magnetic properties of nanostructured materials and their behavior in the chemical, physical, biological environments and processes;
• quantum-chemical modeling of the structure and electronic properties of metal clusters and semiconductor, depending on their size, chemical environment, being in a solid matrix and interpretation of the experimentally observed properties.


Main achievements:

• original chemical and electrochemical methods for the preparation of super dispersed  metals, oxides,  quantum-dimensional semiconductors  an composite systems on their basis have been developed and a set of physical and chemical properties of the materials has been investigated;
• fluorescent quantum-dimensional nanocrystals of AIIBVI compounds with unique optical properties, including a high luminescence quantum output (over 50% at room temperature), precision-adjustable spectral range of emission from near UV to near IR area have been created;
• original scheme of sol-gel process, allowing to produce film and glassy solid materials based on silicon dioxide with nanoparticles of copper and its compounds has been developed;

• fibrous metals and metal alloys of the iron subgroup consisting of nanoparticles, self-assembled in a magnetic field in a uniform thickness nanofibers have been synthesized; the effect of the self-organization of silver nanoparticles in colloidal crystals and nanofibers exposed to laser radiation has been established;
• the effect of the significant increase in the intensity of the luminescence of rare earth elements and redistribution of the relative intensity of the luminescence transitions to longer wavelengths when included in the oxide films containing lanthanide ions, silver nanoparticles has been established;
• methods for the formation of monodisperse spherical particles of different chemical nature (silver, manganese carbonate, manganese dioxide) that can be used as inorganic micro calibers for the formation of nano- and micro-reactors and containers based on hollow polyelectrolyte capsules have been developed;
• quantum-chemical model calculations of the state of clusters of silver and copper depending on their size, environment and being in a solid matrix were made and experimentally established properties have been interpreted;
• methods have been developed and regularities have been established of electrochemical and photoelectrochemical deposition of monoatomic layers of metals (Pb, Cd, Bi, In, etc.) on the surface of Se, Te and metal chalcogenides. 


• technology formation of high-compact scintillation transparent ceramics with high efficiency of radio luminescent based on super dispersed powders of yttrium aluminum garnet doped with Ce(III) ions and further comprising a lutetium oxide nanoparticles Lu2O3 has been developed;
• method of producing luminescent markers based on semiconductor nanocrystals of AIIBVI compounds for use as fluorescent labels in medical diagnosis has been developed;
• method of producing a quartz sol-gel glasses with incorporated ultrafine particles of copper selenide as filters in the near-IR range has been developed.

The main publications of the last years:


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