Laboratory of chemistry of free radical processes

The laboratory was established in 1999. The Head of the laboratory is O. Shadyro, D.Sc., Professor, Honored Worker of BSU, Layreate of A.N. Sevchenko Prize-2010.


Directions of the research activity:

  •  investigation of free-radical reactions of biologically relevant substances and the respective model compounds;
  • development of new methods enabling a targeted search for pharmacologically active compounds among free-radical reaction inhibitors;
  • development of new vegetable oil stabilization methods and development of biologycally active supplements based on them.


Main achievements:

  • new free-radical fragmentation reactions occurring in carbohydrates, lipids, nucleosides, peptides, hydroxyl-containing amino acids and related compounds under the impact of various stress factors have been revealed;
  • activity of nature compounds (flavonoids, phenylpropanoids, vitamins, coenzymes and other) and their synthetic analogs in the reactions with different organic radicals have been investigated and the basis of target search of the universal inhibitors preventing free-radical damages of biologically important substances have been worked out;
  • about 200 derivatives of spatially hindered diphenols and aminophenols have been synthesized and tested for pharmacological activity, this resulted in the discovery of a new class of antiviral agents, as well as substances possessing neurotropic and anticancer properties;
  • effective stabilizers for linseed oil have been found and biologically active additives have been developed on their basis.



  • antiherpetic drug «Butaminofen ointment» (gold medal at the V Moscow International fair of innovations and investments in 2005), its production has been mastered at RUE «Belmedpreparaty»;
  • antiherpetic drug «Aktovir» based on the combination of two substances with different action mechanisms, its production has been mastered at RUE «Belmedpreparaty»;
  • technology for production of foody, stabilized linseed oil based on the using of the vegetable raw composition (gold medal at the International Exhibition-congress «High Tech. Innovations. Investitions», St. Petersburg -2008) has been mastered at Co.Ltd «Club Farm-Eko»;
  • production technologies of oxidation-resistant biologically active additives to food on the base of the linseed oil («Coenzyme Q10 - linseed oil plus», «Selenium - Vitamin E-linseed oil plus», «Beta-carotene - linseed oil plus», «Thistle oil - linseed oil plus») have been used at Co. Ltd «Club «Farm-Есо».
  • technology for isolation of concentrate of E and F vitamins from the rapeseed oil (bronze medal innovations and investments in 2008; medal of Academician I.N. Blokhin International Fund of Biotechnologies, 2008);

Main publications of the last years:


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