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Chief Researcher
Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry)

Department: Laboratory of thin films chemistry
Phone: +375 (17) 209-51-79




  • h-index (Scopus) – 10
  • h-index (Web of Science) – 10 
  • h-index (Google scholar) – 9

Subject and Class of Degrees

  • 1969 − Faculty of Chemistry;
  • 1973 − PhD in chemistry (physical chemistry);
  • 1982 − Associate professor;
  • 2000 − Doctor of science in chemistry;
  • 2003 − Professor.


1969 - Faculty of Chemistry, BSU;
1973 - PhD (physical chemistry);
1982 - Associate Professor;
2000 - Doctor of Chemistry, specializing in "Inorganic Chemistry" and "Solid State Chemistry";
2003 - awarded the title of Professor.

1986-1988 - junior researcher, Research Institute of PHP BSU;
1989-1992 - researcher at the Research Institute of PHP BSU;
1993-2001 - senior researcher, Research Institute of PHP BSU;
2002-2006 - leading researcher at the Research Institute of PHP BSU;
2007 to the present - chief researcher at the Research Institute of PHP BSU.

Current research activity

  • R&D of chemical, contact and electrochemical deposition processes of thin metal films from solutions;
  • R&D of coatings and ultradispersed powders based on metals;
  • alloys and composites synthesis of "metal matrix - oxide" type or nanoparticles core (oxide) - shell (metal);
  • study of chemical, phase composition, microstructure and properties;
  • application of photo technologies to obtain selective conductive elements;
  • production, properties and application of metal nanoparticles in the processes of assembling electronic products in catalysis and medical diagnostics.

Under the leadership of Vorobyova T.N. the following technologies were developed and implemented:

1) resistless photoselective deposition of conductive elements on dielectrics in the production of printed circuit boards and cables;
2) obtaining black light-absorbing coatings for photomultiplier tubes and solar collectors;
3) electrolysis-free deposition of gold coatings in the production of printed circuit boards, housing of integrated circuits and electronic contacts;
4) non-subsurface deposition of copper and nickel coatings on steel, cast iron, zinc-aluminum alloy products;
5) electrochemical deposition of copper-containing composite protective and decorative colored coatings;
6) deposition from solutions of multilayer metal coatings (including barrier, conductive, soldered) on silicon;
7) production of markers based on gold (silver) nanoparticles conjugated with antibodies and antigens of a number of pathogens, suitable for express immunochemical analysis.


  • grant of the President of the Republic of Belarus to provide financial support to SNIL "Chemistry of nanostructured systems" of BSU, which has won public recognition as promising developments (2018);
  • diplomas of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus (1996, 2001, 2011, 2016);
  • the honorary title "Honored Worker of the Belarusian State University" (2016);
  • BSU diplomas (2001, 2006, 2016); diploma of the Research Institute of FHP BSU;
  • Johnson Matthey Silver Medal from the Institute of Metal Finishing (2008);
  •  A.N. Sevchenko prize for outstanding achievements in scientific and innovative activities (as part of a team of co-authors, 2006); two silver medals of the V Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments for innovative developments (2005);
  • personal bonus of the President of the Republic of Belarus for outstanding contribution to the development of higher education (2002-2003);
  • title of Soros Associate Professor (1997);
  • shock worker of communist labor (1986).

List of Selected Publications: 

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  • EAP (Eurasian patent) № 034147;  appl. 201800451  (pub. date  09.01.2020);  
  • EAP (Eurasian patent) № 036179;  appl. 201800261  (pub. date  09.10.2020).