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Lyudmila Tsybulskaya


Leading Researcher
PhD (Chemistry)
Docent (Associate professor)
Honored Staff Member of the Belarusian State University

Department: Laboratory of thin films chemistry
Phone: +375 (17) 209-51-96

h-index(Scopus) – 9
h-index (Web of Science) – 9
h-index (Google scholar) – 10

List of Selected Publications:

  1. Perevoznikov S., Tsybulskaya L., Shendyukov V., Scharnagl N. Microstructure, composition and formation mechanism of ultra-black surfaces on the electrodeposited nickel-phosphorous coatings // Surfaces and Interfaces. 2022. 32. № 102127. DOI: 10.1016/j.surfin.2022.102127
  2. Tsybulskaya L.S., Perevoznikov S.S., Shendyukov V.S., Kukareko V.A. Effect of Boron Content and Low-Temperature Annealing on the Structure State and Tribological Properties of Electrodeposited Ni-B Coatings // Electroplating and surface treatment. 2022. 30 (2). pp. 4-14. DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_2_4
  3. Tishkevich D.I., Grabchikov S.S., Tsybulskaya L.S., Shendyukov V.S., Perevoznikov S.S., Trukhanov A.V. Electrochemical deposition regimes and critical influence of organic additives on the structure of Bi films // J. Alloys and Compounds. 2018. Vol. 735. P. 1943-1948. 
  4. Fedotov A.S., Shepelevich V., Poznyak S., Tsybulskaya L., Mazanik A., Svito I., Gusakova S., Zukowski P., Koltunowicz T.N. Simulation of polycrystalline bismuth films seebeck coefficient based on experimental texture identification // Mater. Chem. Phys. 2016. Vol.177. P. 413-416.
  5. Fedotov A.S., Poznyak S.K., Tsybulskaya L.S., Shepelevich V.G., Svito I.A., Saad A., Mazanik A.V., Fedotov A.K. Polycrystalline bismuth films: correlation between grain structure and electron transport // Phys. Status Solidi. B.  2015.  Vol.252.№ 9.  P. 2000-2005. 
  6. Bekish Yu.N., Poznyak S.K., Tsybulskaya L.S., Gaevskaya T.V., Kukareko V.A., Mazanik A.V. Electrodeposited Ni–Co–B alloy coatings: preparation and properties // J. Electrochem. Soc. 2014. Vol.161. № 12. P. D620-D627.
  7. Ganavati B., Kukareko V. A., Tsybul’skaya L.S., Perevoznikov S.S. Structural State and Tribological Properties of Co–P Coatings// The Physics of Metals and Metallography. 2014. Vol. 115. № 10. Р. 1037-1045
  8. Perevoznikov S.S., Ivanovskaya M.I., Tsybul′skaya  L.S. and Gaevskaya T.V. Infrared spectroscopy of ultrablack films based of electrodeposited Ni–P alloys // Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. 2014. Vol. 81. № 4. P. 592 -596
  9. Byeli A.V., Ghanavati B., Kukareko V. A., Bekish Yu.N., Tsybulskaya L.S. Structure and Tribological Properties of Electrodeposited Fe–Ni Coating Treated with Nitrogen Ions // Journal of Friction and Wear. 2014. Vol. 35. №. 3. Р. 177-180.