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Evgeniy Ovodok


Leading Researcher
PhD (Chemistry)
Docent (Associate professor)

Department: Laboratory of thin films chemistry
Phone: +375 (17) 270-19-06

 List of Selected Publications:

  1. Maltanava H., Shiman D., Ovodok E., Svito I., Makarevich M., Kostjuk S., Poznyak S., Aniskevich A. Polymer Coatings Based on Polyisobutylene, Polystyrene and Poly(styrene-block-isobutylene-block-styrene) for Effective Protection of MXenes // Coatings. 2022. 12 (10). № 1477. DOI: 10.3390/coatings12101477
  2. Ovodok E., Kormosh V., Bilanych V., Ivanovskaya M. Acetone vapor sensors based on tin dioxide doped by Au nanoparticles //  Ukrainian Journal of Physics. 2022. 67 (3). pp. 216-223. DOI: 10.15407/ujpe67.3.216
  3. Ivanovskaya M.I., Ovodok E.A., Poznyak S.K., Kotsikau D.A., Svito I.A. Surface Structural Features of Two-Dimensional Layered Materials Ti3C2 Tx (T = OH, O, F) Investigated by Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy // Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. 2022. 89 (4). pp. 644-651. DOI: 10.1007/s10812-022-01405-6
  4. Ovodok E., Kormosh V., Bilanych V., Ivanovskaya M. Semiconductor Metal Oxides Doped with Gold Nanoparticles for Use in Acetone Gas Sensors // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2022. 2315 (1). № 012018. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/2315/1/012018
  5. Ivanovskaya M., Chernyakova K., Ovodok E., Poznyak S., Kotsikau D., Azarko I. Nature of paramagnetic defects in black titanium dioxide nanotubes // Materials Chemistry and Physics. 2022. 278. № 125703. DOI: 10.1016/j.matchemphys.2022.125703
  6. Ivanovskaya M., Ovodok E., Gaevskaya T., Kotsikau D., Kormosh V., Bilanych V., Micusik M. Effect of Au nanoparticles on the gas sensitivity of nanosized SnO2  // Materials Chemistry and Physics. 2021. Vol. 258. P. 123858–123866. (IF 3.408).
  7. Ovodok E., Maltanava H., Poznyak S., Ivanovskaya M., Shendyakov V., Spacek V., Scharnagl N., Maia F., Tedim J. Rhodamine-loaded TiO2 particles for detection of polymer coating UV degradation  // Materials Today: Proceedings.  2020. Vol. 20. Part 3. P. 320–328.
  8. Ivanovskaya M., Ovodok E., Kotsikau D. Azarko I, Micusik M., Omastova M and Golovanov V. Structural transformation and nature of defects in titanium carbide treated in different redox atmospheres  // RSC Advances. 2020. Vol. 10. P. 25602–25608.IF 2.9.
  9. Ovodok E., Maltanava H., Poznyak S., Ivanovskaya M., Kudlash A., Scharnagl N., Tedim J. Sol-gel template synthesis of mesoporous carbon-doped TiO2 with photocatalytic activity under visible light // Materials Today: Proceedings.2018. Vol. 2. Iss. 9. Part 2. P. 17422-17443.
  10. Maltanava H., Poznyak S., Ovodok E., Ivanovskaya M., Frederico M., Kudlash A., Scharnagl N., Tedim J. Synthesis of ZnO mesoporous powders and their application in dye photodegradation // Materials Today: Proceedings2018. Vol. 2. Iss. 9. Part 2. P. 17414-17421.
  11. Ovodok E., Ivanovskaya M., Poznyak S., Scharnagl N., Tedim J. Characterization of surface species on mesoporous TiO2 prepared by TiC oxidation // Physics, Chemistry and application of nanostructures. Reviews and Short Notes to Nanomeeting-2017: proc. of Int. conf., Minsk, 30 May – 2 June 2017 / World Scientific Publishing; ed.: V. E. Borisenko [et al.] Singapore. 2017. P. 311−314.
  12. Ovodok E., Maltanava A., Poznyak S., Ivanovskaya M., Kudlash A., Scharnagl N., Tedim J.   Synthesis and characterization of efficient TiO2 mesoporous photocatalysts // Materials Today: Proceedings.  2017. Vol. 4. P. 11526-11533.
  13. Ivanovskaya M., Ovodok E., Golovanov V. The nature of paramagnetic defects in tin (IV) oxide // Chem. Phys. 2015. Vol. 457. Р. 98−105.