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Golub Natallia


Senior Researcher
PhD (Chemistry)

Department: Laboratory of polysaccharides chemistry
Phone: +375 (17) 363-03-08

  • h-index (Scopus)   -  4


  • 1976-1978 – senior laboratory assistant of the department of high-molecular compounds of the Belarusian State University;
  • 1978-1980 – junior researcher at the laboratory of physical chemistry of cellulose of the Belorussian state University Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems (RI PCP BSU);
  • 1989-1994 – researcher, laboratory of physical chemistry and cellulose modification  of RI PCP BSU;
  • 1994-1998 – senior researcher, laboratory of physical chemistry and cellulose modification of RI PCP BSU;
  • 1998-2015 – senior researcher, laboratory of pharmaceutical products on the basis of modified polysaccharides of RI PCP BSU;
  • 2015 and up to the present  –  senior researcher, laboratory of polysaccharides chemistry of RI PCP BSU.

Current research activity

  • study of the processes of phosphorylation and oxidation of polysaccharides;
  • investigation of properties of reaction products, regularities of sorption of organic substances of basic and zwitterionic nature by phosphate cation exchangers;
  • development of prolonged dosage forms of biologically active substances.

List of Selected Publications:

  1. Yurkshtovich T.L., Yurkshtovich N.K., Golub N.V., Kosterova R.I., Pristromova Y.I., Solomevich S.O., Bychkovsky P.M. Rheological properties and in vitro hydrolytic stability of the carboxymethylcellulose–dioxidine composition // Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Chemical Series (2022). 58 (1). pp. 7-16. DOI 10.29235/1561-8331-2022-58-1-7-16
  2. Solomevich, S.O., Dmitruk E.I., Bychkovsky P.M., Nebytov A.E., Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V. Fabrication of oxidized bacterial cellulose by nitrogen dioxide in chloroform/cyclohexane as a highly loaded drug carrier for sustained release of cisplatin // Carbohydrate Polymers. 2020. Vol. 248. P. 116745-116787.
  3. Solomevich S.O., Bychkovsky P.M., Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V., Mirchuk P.Y., Revtovich M.Y., Shmak A.I. Biodegradable pH-sensitive prospidine-loaded dextran phosphate based hydrogels for local tumor therapy // Carbohydrate Polymers. 2019. Vol. 226. P. 115308-115314.
  4. Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V., Solomevich S.O., Kosterova R.I., Yurkshtovich N.K., Alinovskaya V.A., Bychkovsky P.M. Acid-basic properties and biological activity of starch phosphate in the form of microgels // Colloid Journal. 2019. Vol. 81. № 3. P. 329–336.
  5. Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V., Solomevich S.O., Yurkshtovich N.K., Bychkovsky P.M., Kosterova R.I., Alinovskaya V.A. Effect of the composition of an esterification mixture on the acid properties of gel-forming phosphorylated polysaccharides // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2019. Vol. 93. № 9. P. 1817–1824.
  6. Bychkovsky P.M., Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V., Solomevich S.O., Yurkshtovich N.K., Adamchik D.A. Biological films based on oxidized bacterial cellulose: obtaining, structure, properties // Polymer Science, Series B. 2019. 61(4). P. 433–441.
  7. Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V., Yurkshtovich N.K., Bychkovsky P.M., Kosterova R.I., Alinovskaya V.A. The microgels of starch phosphates for the controlled release of biomacromolecules. Appl. Biochem. Microbiology 2017. Vol. 53.8. Р. 78-86.
  8. Solomevich S.O., Bychkovskii P.M., Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V.  Influence of the properties of modified dextran hydrogel polymer network on the kinetics of the release of prospidin antitumor agent  //  Rus. J. Appl. Chem. 2016. Vol. 89. № 8. P. 1302-1308.
  9. Yurkshtovich T.L., Solomevich S.O., Golub N.V., Alinovskaya V.A., Kosterova R.I., Bychkovskii P.M., Kladiev A.A. Sorption of the antitumor drug prospidinum on microgels of polysaccharide phosphates // Colloid J. 2014. Vol. 76. № 5. P. 628-636.  
  10. Bychkovsky P.M., Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V., Alinovskaya V.A., Kosterova R.I., Solomevich S.O., Kladiev A.A., Istomin Yu.P., Alexandrova E.N.,  Krasny S.A., Petrovskaya N,A,, Reutovich M.Yu., Shmak A.I. Preparation and antitumor activity of a gel-forming prospidine formulation // Pharm. Chem. J. 2013. Vol. 47. № 5. P. 387-392.
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