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Julia Bokshyts


Senior Researcher
PhD (Chemistry)
Docent (Associate professor)

Department: Laboratory of nanochemistry
Phone: +375 (17) 209-51-99

  • h-index (Google scholar) – 9
  • h-index (РИНЦ) – 8

Subject and Class of Degrees:

  • 1993-1998 – Chemistry Department, BSU
  • 2012 – PhD (Solid state chemistry), BSU


  • 1998-2012 – Junior researcher, Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems BSU (RI PCP BSU);
  • 2012-2022 – Researcher, RI PCP BSU;
  • Since 2022 – Senior researcher, RI PCP BSU.

Current research activity:

Сolloid-chemical synthesis of luminescent complex oxide materials (polycrystalline powders, films, glasses, glass-ceramics) and the study of their structural and optical properties. Investigation of the relationship «composition-structure-properties» to obtain new materials with desired functional characteristics.

List of Selected Publications:

Malashkevich G.E., Kouhar V.V., Varapay N.V., Pavich T.A., Shevchenko G.P., Bokshyts Yu.V. Influence of synthesis conditions and composition of silica gel-glasses on the 4I13/2 → 4I15/2 luminescence bandwidth of Er3+ ions. // J. Appl. Spectr. 2023, 90 (5), 977.

Shevchenko G.P., Bokshyts Yu.V., Zhuravkov V.A., Shishko G.V., Kovel E.A., Synthesis and luminescent properties of strontium aluminates activated with bismuth ions // Journal of the Belarusian State University. Chemistry. 2022. (2). P. 3–9.

Simashkevich A., Shevchenko G.P., Bokshits Yu., Bruc L., Caraman M., Dementiev I., Goglidze T., Curmei N., Sherban D. Low-Cost ITO/n-Si Solar Cells with Increased Sensitivity in UV Spectrum Range // Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry. 2021. Vol. 57 (3). P. 315–322.

Shevchenko G.P., Bokshyts Yu.V., Kovel C.A., Shynkevich N.V., Mazanik A.V., Serban D., Curmei N., Bruc L., Pershukevich P.P. Re-emitting oxide–copper iodide(I) films for silicone solar cells // Journal of the Belarusian State University. Chemistry. 2021. (1). P. 50–57.

Bokshits Yu.V., Shevchenko G.P., Tratsiak E.V., Kichanov S.E. Crystalline structure and luminescent properties of the (Y1-xLax)3(Al1yGay)5012: Ce garnets // Intern. J. Nanoscience. 2019. Vol. 18. № 3-4. P. 1940070-1–1940070-4.

Bokshyts Yu.V., Kichanov S.E., Shevchenko G.P., Tratsiak E.V., Parshikova E.A., Kozlenko D.P. Structure and Luminescence Properties of (Y1–хLaх)3(Al1–уGaу)5O12:Ce3+ Substituted Garnets // Inorganic Materials. 2019. Vol. 55 (8). P. 820–826.

Tratsiak Y., Trusova E., Bokshits Yu., Korjik M., Vaitkevičius A., Tamulaitis G. Garnet type crystallites, their isomorphism and luminescent properties in glass ceramics // Cryst. Eng. Comm. 2019. Vol. 21. P. 687–693.

Tratsiak Y., Bokshits Yu., Korjik M., Tamulaitis G., Trusova E., Vaitkevičius A. Garnet-based complex substituted glass ceramic materials // Radiation Measurements. 2019. Vol. 122. P. 97–100.

Kichanov S.E., Shevchenko G.P., Malashkevich G.E., Ivlieva I.Yu., Bokshyts Yu.V., Kozlenko D.P., Nguyen C.T., Lukin E.V., Savenko B.N., Podurets K.M. Colloidal chemical synthesis, structural and luminescent properties of YA13(BO3)4:Ce phosphors // J. Alloys and Compounds. 2018. Vol. 749. P. 511–516.

Bokshits Y., Tret’yak Y., Borisevich A., Korzhik M., Trusova E. Prospective glass-ceramics based on complex compounds with garnet structure // Reviews and Short Notes to Nanomeeting-2017. Р. 283–286.

Tratsiak Y., Bokshits Y., Borisevich A., Korjik M., Vaitkevicius A., Tamulaitis G. Y2CaAlGe(AlO4)3:Ce and Y2MgAlGe(AlO4)3:Ce garnet phosphors for white LEDs // Optical Materials. 2017. Vol. 67. P. 108–112.

Bokshits Yu.V., Brezhneva N.Yu., Shevchenkо G.P. Effect of the chemical nature of precipitants on the formation of ultrafine YAl3(BO3)4:Ce powders // Inorganic Materials. 2016. Vol. 52. № 11. P. 1143–1148.

Malashkevich G.E., Chukova O.V., Nedilko S.G., Shevchenko G.P., Bokshyts Y.V., Kouhar V.V. Influence of Gold Nanoparticles on Luminescence of Eu3+ Ions Sensitized by Structural Defects in Germanate Films // Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2016. Vol. 120 (28). P. 15369–15377.

Malashkevich G.E., Shevchenko G.P., Stupak A.P., Bokshits Yu.V., Sukhodola A.A., Stanishevsky I.V.  Effect of the photoinduced charge exchange of Ag+ ions on the sensitized luminescence of Eu3+ in oxide films // JETP Letters. 2014. Vol. 98. P. 782–785.

Vashchenko S.V., Stupak A.P., Bokshits Yu.V., Shevchenko G.P. Thermally stimulated processes in Eu-containing oxide films with silver and gold nanoparticles // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2009. Vol. 83 (3). P. 444–449.

Shevchenko G.P., Vashchanka S.V., Bokshits Y.V., Rakhmanov S.K. On the nature of the processes occurring in silver doped SiO2 films under heat treatment // Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology. 2008. Vol. 45 (2). P. 143–149.

Malashkevich G.E., Shevchenko G.P., Bokshits Yu.V., Kornienko A.A., Pershukevich P.P. Eu3+-based optical centers with a high efficiency of the 5D0 > 7F4 transition in alumina gel films // Optics and Spectroscopy. 2005. Vol. 98 (2). P. 190–194.

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