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Mikhail Artemyev


Head of Laboratory
Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry)
Docent (Associate professor)
Honored Staff Member of the Belarusian State University
Laureate of the State Prize in Science and Technology

Department: Laboratory of nanochemistry
Address: RI PHP BSU; Leningradskaya str., 14, Minsk 220006, BELARUS
Phone: + 375 (17) 379-96-78

h-index(Scopus) – 39
h-index(Google scholar) -- 48 

Mikhail Artemyev  was awarded
by State Prize in Science and Technology for 2012

Academic achievements

Scientific degree Speciality Date
M. Sci. diploma Chemistry  June 1985
Ph. D. Physical chemistry  December 1990
Dr. Sci. Physical Chemistry May 2009

Career / employments

Position Organization Period
Junior researcher Institute for Physico-Chemical Problems, Belarussian State University 1985-1988
Researcher Institute for Physico-Chemical Problems, Belarussian State University 1988-1990
Postdoctoral fellow MassachusettsInstitute of Technology, USA, Chemistry department 1991-1992
Senior researcher Institute for Physico-Chemical Problems, Belarussian State University 1993-1999
Leading researcher Institute for Physico-Chemical Problems, Belarussian State University 2000-2009

Fields of specialization
(i) main field : Synthesis of semiconductor (CdS, CdSe, etc.) metallic (Au, Ag) nanocrystals; formation of nanocrystal-based micro- and nanostructures and study of optical phenomena therein;
(ii) other fields : Optical processes in low-dimensional nanostructures, photoluminescence spectroscopy, electroluminescence, ultrafast optical spectroscopy of low-dimesional nanostructures.
-More that 15 years expertise as chemist with the inorganic chemistry and chemistry of nanostructures background;
 -Pioneering in the synthesis and study of physical and chemical properties of semiconductor and metal nanocrystals and composite materials around the former-USSR republics;
-Pioneering in the investigation of enhanced luminescence from semiconductor quantum dots near plasmonic nanostructures;
-Pioneering in the synthesis and investigation of collective electron states in ensembles of close-packed semiconductor quantum dots, “quantum dots inside photonic dots” structures;
Current research activities
- Biological applications of highly luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals;
- Synthesis of complex nanocrystals including multishell quantum dots, nanorods, doped quantum dots;
- Optical processes in semiconductor nanocrystals and composite materials.
Honors, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies
M. Sci., Ph. D. and Dr. Sci. excellence awards.
Soros awardfor distinguished ex-USSR scientists 1990;
Invited Professorship, Department of Chemistry, University of Reims, Champagne-Ardennes, France, 2010-2011;
Honor Diploma of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus 14.09.2011 for many years of fruitful scientific work

List of Selected Publications:

  1. Sun G., Shen W., Zhu Ch., Zhao S., Wang Q., Du Z., Wang Y., Hao X., Artemyev M., Tang J. High Efficiency Polymer Solar Cells Sensitized by Red-Emitting ZnCuInS nanoplatelets // Journal of Materials Research and Technology. 2022. 19. рр. 2623-2632. (IF 6.267)
  2. Zhu C., Wang Q., Sun G., Zhao S., Wang Y., Li T., Hao X., Artemyev M., Tang J. High-Luminescence Electrospun Polymeric Microfibers In Situ Embedded with CdSe Quantum Dots with Excellent Environmental Stability for Heat and Humidity Wearable Sensor // Nanomaterials. 2022. 12 (13). № 2288. (IF 5.719)
  3. Malakhovsky P., Minakov E., Rashkevich A., Artemyev M. Effect of Surface Curvature on Colloidal Stability of Silver Nanoparticles with Monomolecular and Mixed Thiol Ligand Layers in the Presence of Alkali Cations // ChemPhysChem. 2022. 23 (24). № e202200564 DOI: 10.1002/cphc.202200564  (IF 3.520)
  4. Radchanka A., Hrybouskaya V., Antanovich A., Artemyev M. Poly(maleic anhydride) Shell Modified with Negatively and Positively Charged Groups to Control Zeta Potential and Hydrodynamic Size of Encapsulated Quantum Dots at Variable pH // ChemNanoMat. 2022. 8 (4). № e202100538. DOI: 10.1002/cnma.202100538 (IF 3.154)
  5. Radchanka A., Hrybouskaya V., Iodchik A., Achtstein A.W., Artemyev M. Zeta Potential-Based Control of CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot Photoluminescence // Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2022. 13 (22). pp. 4912-4917. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.2c00841 (IF 6.88)
  6. Ranishenka B., Ulashchik E., Radchanka A., Shmanai V.,  Artemyev M.  Electrostatic Repulsion Controls Efficiency of Cu‐Free Click‐Reaction with Azide‐Modified Semiconductor Quantum Dots // Chem. Nano. Mat. 2020. Vol. 6. № 2. P. 292-297.
  7. Ranishenka B.A., Ulashchik E.A., Kruhlik A.S., Tatulchenkov M.Yu., Radchanka A.V., Shmanai V.V., Artemyev M.V. Controlled Functionalization of Water-Soluble Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Bioconjugation // J.  Appl.  Spectroscopy. 2020. Vol. 86. № 6. P. 1064-1070.
  8. Vasić  B.,  Aškrabić S., Jakovljević M., Artemyev M.  Local electrical properties and charging/discharging of CdSe/CdS core-shell nanoplatelets // Appl. Surface Sci. 2020. Vol. 513. 145822.
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