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Nikolay Osipovich


Senior Researcher
PhD (Chemistry)
Docent (Associate professor)

Department: Laboratory of chemistry of free radical processes
Phone: +375 (17) 209-54-56

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  • h-индекс (Web of Science) – 17 
  • h-индекс (Google Scholar) – 20 

Subject and Class of Degrees

1993 – Faculty of Chemistry, BSU; 
2001 – PhD. thesis: «Electrochemistry of adatomic layers of metals on the surface of chalcogenes and metal chalcogenides», speciality 02.00.04 – physical chemistry.


1993 – 1996 – PhD. (inorganic chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry of the BSU); ;
1996 – 2002 – junior researcher of Reseach Institute for Physical-Chemical Problems BSU (RI PCP BSU);
2002 – 2007 – researcher, lLaboratory of Ultrafine and Nanostructured Systems of RI PCP BSU;
2007 – 2011 – senior researcher, Laboratory of Nanochemistry, RI PCP BSU;
2011 – now  –senior researcher, Laboratory of Chemistry of Free Radical Processes, RI PCP BSU. 

Current research activity

  • electrochemistry of chalcogenes and metal chalcogenides;
    electrochemistry in non-aqueous media.

List of Selected Publications:

  1. Gvozdev M.Y., Loginova N.V., Ksendzova G.A., Osipovich N.P., Koval’chuk-Rabchinskaya T.V., Faletrov Y.V., Khodosovskaya A.M., Evtushenkov A.N. Bismuth(III) Complexes with Phenolic Schiff Bases: Synthesis, Characterization, Interaction with Biomolecules, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity // Medicinal Chemistry. 2022. Nov.18. (DOI: 10.2174/1573406419666221118104019) (Shāriqah, United Arab Emirates) (IF 2.329)
  2. Loginova N., Gvozdev M., Osipovich N., Khodosovskaya A., Koval’chuk-Rabchinskaya T., Ksendzova G., Kotsikau D., Evtushenkov A. Silver(I) complexes with phenolic Schiff bases: Synthesis, anti-bacterial evaluation and interaction with biomolecules //  ADMET and DMPK. 2022. 10 (3). pp. 197-212.  DOI: 10.5599/admet.1167 (IF 1.52)
  3. Loginova N.V., Koval'chuk-Rabchinckaya T.V., Ksendzova G.A., Osipovich N.P., Faletrcn Y.V., Nabebina K.A., Gvozdev M.Y., Polozov G.I. Redox-Active Metal Complexes witl Hydrazone and Thiosemicarbazone Derivatives of 4,6-di-Tert-Butyl-2,3-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde: Novel Antimicrobials for Medicinal Uses  // Chapter 3 in:Hydrazones: Uses and Reactions. 2020. Nova Science Publisher's.New York.  57-114 pp.
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  1.  Eurasian patent № 029076 (2018).