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Valentina Bogdanova


Head of Laboratory
Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry)
Honored Staff Member of the Belarusian State University

Department: Laboratory for fire retardant materials
Phone: +375 (17) 363-73-77

h-index (Scopus) - 4
h-index (Google scholar) – 24
Subject and Class of Degrees
 1969 – Belarusian State University;
 1978 – PhD  (in physical chemistry);
 1988 – Academic rank of senior researcher;
 2005 – Doctor of Chemical Sciences;
 2011 – Academic rank Professor.
1964 – 1965 – Senior laboratory assistant of the Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR;
1965 – 1969 –Laboratory assistant of the laboratory of anticorrosion protection of building of the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute;
1969 – 1977 – Engineer,Junior researcher of department of inorganic chemistry Belarusian State University;
1977 – 1996 – Junior researcher, Senior researcher, Leading researcherof the Research Institutеfor Physical Chemical Problems of the Веlаrusiаn State Univеrsitу;
1996–2009 – Head of the sector of fire extinguishing materialsRI PCP BSU;
 since 2009 – Head of the laboratory of fire extinguishing materials of the Research Institutе for Physical Chemical Problems of the Веlаrusiаn State Univеrsitу, RI PCP BSU,Professor of the department of "Combustion processes" of the University of Civil Defense of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus.
Current research activity 
•  synthesis and investigation of the physicochemical properties of the metalsilico phosphate compounds to create materials for multifunctional use (means of fire protection and firefighting);
• creation of effective flame retardants for materials of different chemical nature;
• investigation of the mechanism of extinguishing fire-resistant action, nitrogen-phosphorus- containing compounds in natural and synthetic polymers of different classes;
• development of new technologies of extinguish of smoldering materials using fire extinguishing compositions;
• development of heat-protective and anticorrosive coatings.
Main achievements.
• identity of the processes providing the dominant contribution to the inhibition of synthetic and natural burning of combustible materials has beenestablished, the general principles of reducing the flammability of different materials have been formulated and experimentally proved;
reasons for the extinction of combustible materials of  synthetic and natural polymers and peat have been established;
• ways to improve known retardants and to synthesize new flame retardants have been proposed and experimentally proved;
• retardants and extinguishing agents for wood and peat have beensynthesized;
• nitrogen-, phosphorus- containing flame retardants for polyolefins and filled rigid polyurethane foam have been synthesized.
• heat-protectivecoatings for cable insulation and metal structures;
• composition for prevention and suppression of natural fires "Complexil".

List of Selected Publications:

  1. Bogdanova V.V., Kobets O.I. , Kirlitsa V.P. The mechanism of action and the synergistic effect of nitrogenand phosphorus-containing fire retardants in fire protection and wood and peat fire suppression // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2016. Vol. 10. № 2. P. 306–312.
  2. Bogdanova V., Kobets O., Kirlitsa V. Study of the fire retarding  mechanism of nitrogen and phosphorus containing inhibitors in natural combustible materials // Zel'dovich Memorial: Accomplishments in the combustion science in the last decade. Moscow. 2015.  Vol. 2.  P. 82–88.
  3. Bogdanova V.V., Kobets O.I. Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties of Di- and Trivalent Metal–Ammonium Phosphates // Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry. 2014. Vol. 87, No. 10.  P. 1387−1401. DOI: 10.1134/S1070427214100012/
  4. Bogdanova V., Kobets O., Kirlitsa V. Study of the fire retarding action mechanism of the nitrogen-phosphorus flame retardants in natural combustible materials // Zel'dovich Memorial: Accomplishments in the Combustion Science in the Last Decade. Moscow. 2014. Vol. 2. P. 25-37.  
  5. Smyaglikov I.P, Bogdanova V.V., Buraya O.N. Application of laminar Plasma Jet to test fireproof Materials // VI International Conference “Plasma Physics and Plasma Technology”. Contributed papers. Minsk 2009. Vol. II. P. 712-715.