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Konstantin Lapko


Leading Researcher
PhD (Chemistry)
Docent (Associate professor)

Department: Laboratory for chemistry of condensed systems
Phone: +375 (17) 209-51-82

  • h-index (Scopus) – 6
  • h-index (Google scholar) – 8

Subject and Class of Degrees

  • 1964–1969 – Chemistry Faculty, Belarusian State University;
  • 1971–1974 – post-graduate, Chemistry Faculty, Belarusian State University;
  • 1983 – D.Ph (Chemistry);
  • 1996 –Docent (associate professor).


  • 1969–1971 – Researcher, Chemistry Faculty, Belarusian State University;
  • 1975–1996 – Lecturer, Chemistry Faculty, Belarusian State University;
  • 1996–2014 – Associate professor, Chemistry Faculty, Belarusian State University;
  • 2014 г. - now – Leading Researcher, Research Laboratory of Inorganic and General Chemistry,  Chemistry Faculty, Belarusian State University.
  • 2005 г. - now – Lading researcher of the laboratory of inorganic sorbents and anticorrosive coatings; Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Condensed Matter Chemistry, Research Institute for Physical Chemical problems, BSU; Scientific Director of the Joint Belarusian-Chinese Laboratory of Adhesive Materials (concurrently).

Current research activity

  • Physicochemistry of phosphates and silicates of polyvalent metals.
  • R&D of heat-resistant functional materials (with a maximum operating temperature of up to 1700 °С).

List of Selected Publications:

  • 1. Plyushch A., Macutkevic J., Sokal A., Lapko K., Kudlash A., et al. The phosphate-based composite materials filled with nano-sized BaTiO3 and Fe3O4: toward to the unfired multiferroic materials // Materials. 2021. Vol. 14, Iss. 133. P. 1–8. (
  • 2. Plyushch A., Macutkevic J., A. Sokal, Lapko K.N., Kuzhir P.P. et al. Silicon carbide/phosphate ceramics composite for electromagnetic shielding applications: whiskers vs particles // Applied Physics Letters. 2019. Vol. 114, №. 18. P. 183105-1–183105-5. (
  • 3. Plyushch A., Macutkevic J., Kuzhir P., Sokal A., Lapko K., et al. Synergy effects in electromagnetic properties of phosphate ceramics with silicon carbide whiskers and carbon nanotubes // Applied Sciences. 2019. Vol. 9. P. 4388 (1-8). (
  • 4. Apanasevich N.S., Lapko K.N. Thermostable boron-containing materials based on solid magnesium phosphate binder // Innovation materials and technologies. Proceeding of International scientific and technical conference. Minsk, BSTU, 2019. P. 11–13.
  • 5. Shulha T.N., Serdechnova M., Lamaka S.V., Wieland D.C.F., Lapko K.N., Zheludkevich M.L. Chelating agent-assisted in situ LDH growth on the surface of magnesium alloy // Scientific Reports. 2018. Vol. 8. P. 16409. (
  • 6. Sokal А., Kudlash A., Lapko K., et al. Phosphate composition as matrix for functional composite materials // International Conference “FANEM’18”. Book of Abstracts. Minsk, 2018. P. 4.
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  • 10. Lapko K., Kudlash A., Sokal А., Apanasevich N., Boiba D., et al. Thermostable phosphate matrix for nanocomposite materials // Proceedings of 4th International Conference “Nanotechnologies”, Tbilisi, 2016. P. 130.
  • 11. Bychanok D., Gorokhov G., Meisak D., Plyushch A., Kuzhir P., Sokal A., Lapko K., et al. Exploring carbon nanotubes/BaTiO3/Fe3O4 nanocomposites as microwave absorbers // Progress in Electromagnetics Research C. 2016. Vol. 66. P. 77–85. (
  • 14. Apanasevich N., Sokol А., Lapko K., Kudlash A., Lomonosov V., et al. Phosphate ceramics - carbon nanotubes composites: liquid aluminum phosphate vs solid magnesium phosphate binder // Ceramics International. 2015. Vol. 41. P. 12147–12152. (
  • 15. Plyushch A., Bychanok D., Kuzhir P., Maksimenko S., Lapko K., et al. Heart-resistant unfired phosphate ceramics with carbon nanotubes for electromagnetic application // Phys. Status Solidi A. 2014. Vol. 211, № 11. Р. 2580–2585. (
  • 16. Kanygin M.A., Sedelnikova O.V., Asanova I.P., Bulusheva L.G., Lapko K.N., et al. Effect of nitrogen doping on the electromagnetic properties of CNT-based composites // Journal of Applied Physics. 2013. Vol. 113. P. 144315. (
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