PCB solder waste recycling technology (废旧电路板焊料锡 回收技术)

Technology for Removing Tin Solder from Waste PCBs

The relevance of extracting tin and its alloys from electronic scrap (boards of used computers, radio engineering products, various electronic components) is due to the fact that the disposal of scrap is harmful to the environment, and the cost of tin is rapidly growing and its recovery from waste becomes economically feasible.

Technical process:

● Simple, cheap and environmentally friendly;
● Provides a high degree of tin recovery;
● No additional waste;
● High degree of purity of the extracted solder;
● No precious metals are extracted from tin;
● The process is one-stage;
● No water consumption;
● No release of harmful gases into the atmosphere;
● Waste coolant is safely disposed of;
● Duration of treatment in coolant < 3 min;
● At least 75% of the tin alloy is recovered;
● The content of foreign impurities in the solder is less than 3%.

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