Polyenzyme cleaner "Kryshtalin-F"

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TС BY 100050710.110 – 2008


Diploma and silver medal of the St. Petersburg Fair-2011 in the nomination "The best innovative project in the field of living systems technologies".

Polyenzyme cleaner "Kryshtalin-F" concentrate, clear liquid, odorless.



Composition: stable polyenzyme complex (protease, amylase and lipase), as well as a number of functional additives: nonionic surfactants, preservative, stabilizer and water. The pH value is 5.5 ± 0.5.

Purpose: removal of dirt from various surfaces.

Application area:

• pre-sterilization cleaning of medical devices made of various materials (glass, rubber, plastic, metal, including surgical, microsurgical, dental, including rotating, instruments) by manual and mechanized methods using ultrasound (Kryshtalin-PhN);

• cleaning contact lenses and cleaning surfaces during restoration work (Kryshtalin-F).

A distinctive feature of the preparations is the use of a new "pH-jump" system to stabilize enzymes in solution. The system components provide low pH values (at the level of minimum enzyme activity) in a concentrated solution and high pH values (close to the optimum pH of enzymes) when diluted to a concentration of working solutions.

Main advantages:

  • Use of buffer components "pH jump" allows to increase the shelf life and activity of the drug while reducing the cost in comparison with analogues;
  • Use for stabilization of enzymes in solution of a new system of "pH-jump";
  • A high activity of enzymes in working solutions is achieved with a long shelf life;
  • The system is compatible with various surfactants and disinfectants, which makes it possible to create on its basis a variety of enzymatic detergents with extended shelf life.

Forms of cooperation:

  • 1. Transfer of the right to use the technology for obtaining growth supplements under license agreements                                                                       (non-exclusive license) +375 (17) 200 82 72; E-mail: biopharm@bsu.by
  • 2. Creation of turnkey production tel.: +375 (17) 200 82 72; E-mail: biopharm@bsu.by
  • 3. Delivery of finished products LLC "NPTs Himmedsintez" Minsk, Kazintsa st., 62; office 806;  tel.: +375 (17) 279-77-89; E-mail: himmedsintez@yandex.ru