Alginate impression material «MOAT-1»

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–    in human life casting
–    orthopedic stomatology to get impressions for fabrication of dental prostheses
–    in orthodontic practice to get impressions for jaw relationship
 Used In:
–    human life casting
–    orthopedic stomatology
–    orthodontia
Physico-mechanical features:

Outlook Powder composition of fawn color with
vanile flavour
Working time, s 30
Mixing time, s 100
Setting time, min  
–        life casting
–        stomatology
Strength limit under pressure, MPa 0.49±0.08
Compression deformation 12±1.0
Relaxation after deformation 96±1.0

Operating characteristics of the impression material:
–        elasticity
–        strength
–        easy separable from human body
–        undamaged removal from oral cavity, ease separation from a spoon
–        plaster casts prepared from the impressions possess a smooth surface and result in the
          correct imaging of a prosthesis bed relief
Forms of cooperation:
Preparation and supply of the impression material MOAT-1 to order