X-RAY contrast, neutron capturing ferromagnetic liquid

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X-ray diagnostics and treatment of cancer, defectoscopy.
 Used In:

  • medicine
  • X-ray diagnostics and therapy
  • quality assurance for the walls of remote cavities of various items

Technical characteristics:
X-ray contrast relative to barium sulfate and miodil – 95%


  • decreased human body overall X-radiation
  • can be used as independent Х–raycontrast method
  • allows to carry out neutron capturing therapy under the X-ray control
  • allows to localize tumors and cancers

 Implementation:Experimental research has been conducted in the Medical Radiology Institute (Obninsk, Russia)
Forms of cooperation:We see various ways of collaboration from the joint research projects to selling the developed know–how, joint production, and selling the proposed ferromagnetic liquid to a Customer.