«TOPHASIL» - Composition for Extinguishing Peat Fires

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Extinguishing and localization of peat fires in locations with deficit of water and/or difficulty of its delivery to the burnings peat.
Extinguishing of firesof the following materials:

  • peat
  • timbercombustible materials
  • flax, straw
  • fibermaterials
  • rubber materials
  • technogenic and domestic fires with usage of pulse devices

TechnicalCharacteristics of "Tophasil":

appearance paste (from white till grey color)
density of 6 % solution at 20 °C, g/sm3 1.2−1.3
concentration index of hydrogen ions (pH) of 6 % solution 5−7

Exploitation characteristics of the composition:

  • does not contain any toxic and ecologicalydangerous materials
  • low corrosion activity (comparable to the tap water)
  • preservesproperties during a long term of storage (up to three years)
  • consumption of the working solution (6 % composition) forextinguishing the fire on1 m2 of peat with depth of burn-out up to15 cm is 40 l/m2
  • consumption of working solution (6 % composition) forextinguishing the fire on 1 m2 of peat with depth of burn-out from 15 to30 cm is 80 l/m2
  •  high wetting ability forthe dried peat


  • the composition consumption is 10times smaller thatwater and/orwater with wetting agents consumption
  • the composition eliminates the reignition of burning materials due tocupping of the residual locuses of smouldering
  • reduces wind movements of the radioactive by-products to clean territories due to high sorptive capacity of the composition to radionuclides
  • absence of detrimental effect for forest bio- and geocenosisas a result of application
  • has no analoguesamong means for localization and extinguishing of peat fires

The production technology of fire extinguishing composition is implemented on enterprises of chemical profile of the Republic of Belarus, and has been tests for the extinguishing efficiency on the actual peat fires.
Forms of cooperation:
We see various ways of collaboration from the joint research projects to selling the developed know-how and implementation of the proposed technological process at the Customers’ facilities. We also consider possible to produce the composition for a Customer