«METAPHOSIL» Atmosphere Resistant Chemical Composition for the Forest Fires Extinguishing

Patent BY № N-2149

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The "Metaphosil" solution can be used for layering of the defensive bands, localization and extinguishing of fires in the forest, fire protection of timber and its derivatives.

  •   prevention of fire 
  •   localization and extinguishing of fires
  •   preventive processing of the flammable materials (e.g., timber)
  •   extinguishing fires of materials prone to smouldering and reignition

  TechnicalCharacteristics of "Metaphosil":

appearance paste of greyish colour
density of 10 % solution at 20 °C, g/cm 3  
concentration index of hydrogen ions (pH) of 10 % solution 5

Exploitation characteristics of the proposed composition:

  • does not containany toxic or ecologicaly dangerous elements
  • has low corrosion activity (close to the tap water)
  • preserveproperties even after a long term of storage (up to three years)
  • activeconcentration of the composition is  10-12 %
  • 1.5–1.8 lrequired per mof burning wood materials for extinguishing of fires
  • ranked in Group1 in terms of the fire-protective efficiency for the surface processing of timber 
  • atmosphere resistance of fire-protective compositionis less than 44 mm

 Advantages of the composition:

  • low cost 

  • high atmospheric resistance
  • decreased probability of radioactive combustion by-products distribution caused by winds during the fires in the forests contaminated by radionuclides
  • the application of theproposed composition eliminates the possibility of reignition of burning materials due to cupping of the residual locuses of smouldering
  • harmless forhuman beings andforest bio- and geo-cenosis

The production technology of fire extinguishing composition is implemented on chemical enterprises of the Republic Belarus, and has been tested for the fire extinguishing efficiency during the actual forest fires.
Forms of cooperation:
We see various ways of collaboration from the joint research projects to selling the developed know-how and implementation of the proposed technological process at the Customers’ facilities. We also consider possible to produce the composition for a Custome