Edible packaging films


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Edible packaging films are designed to preserve food quality and ensure human biological safety. They reduce water losses, control gas exchange (oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene), prevent microbial growth, preserve taste and aroma, aesthetic appearance of products and extend shelf life.

Applications: food industry


Strong transparent colorless or colored edible packaging film is made from natural food polymers based on starch with various flavoring properties, non-toxic and biocompatible.

Edible film can act as primary packaging:

  • - which is eaten together with the product;
  • - which can be printed with special edible ink;
  • - which can have its own taste, harmoniously combined with the taste of the packaged product;
  • - as  inner layer of the packaging material with moisture-absorbing properties.

The possibility of introducing various ingredients into the composition of packaging films is provided, complementing them with taste, smell and antimicrobial properties. Portion pack of honey, edible tartlets for cupcakes, muffins.


Films can be used for packaging cereals, sweets, cakes, fish, meat products, nuts, seeds, spices, honey, etc. Wrapper for sweets, packaging of butter, film for frying meat, fish.

Competitive advantages:

edible films and coatings are the only type of biodegradable polymer packaging that does not require individual collection and special disposal conditions.

Mastering in production:

the technology for producing edible packaging film was transferred to JSC Borisov Plant of Polymer Packaging Polimiz (Borisov, Republic of Belarus), where it was implemented on a pilot scale.

Commercial offer:

sale of a license for technological documentation for the organization of production and author's support of development.