Gripil, preparation for pre-harvest treatment of oilseed rape crops

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Specification BY 100050710.117-2009
State Registration Number 10-0056 of 29.04.2010

 GRIPILis a preparation for pre-harvest treatment of oilseed rape crops based on natural substances. Thin natural elastic film is formed on the surface of plant after treatment with GRIPIL. Formation of film results in reduction of the moisture and increase oil content in seeds, but doesn’t prevent eupnoeaand normal growth of plant. It also promotesuniformripeningof seeds,avoids pods cracking and eruption of seeds increasing crop capacity.
Field test carried out in the Republican Unitary Enterprise“Scientific and Practical Center for Arable Farming” in 2008-2009 showed high efficiency of GRIPIL on crops ofwinter andspring rape. Moreover, GRIPIL was not found to influence on fatty acid content inrapeseed oiland glucosinolatecontent in oilcake.
Preparative form of GRIPIL - emulsion concentrate. 


  Crop capacity,
centner per hectare
Oil content,
Albumen content,
2008 2009 2008 2009 2008 2009 2008 2009
Winter rape
Control 34.4 33.6 18.2 23.2 43.7 45.6 24.3 23.4
GRIPIL* 42.4 39.3 16.4 18.0 43.9 46.5 24.5 23.9
Spring rape
Control 21.6 26.6 18.2 16.4 have not been studied
GRIPIL*** 28.5 36.9 14.0 14.2 have not been studied

 GRIPIL can be used for treatment of pea, flax, mustard and other crops. Also it can be used as additive to pesticide and fungicide formulations in order to increase their activity due to protection against washing-off.


  • Protects rape crops against losses caused by unfavorable environment.
  • Regulates moistureobtained by pods.
  • Promotesuniformripeningof seeds.
  • Promotes saturation of seeds with oil.
  • Environmentallysafe.
  • Reduce additional costs for drying of seeds.
  • Provides a high profitability of use

Brief description
GRIPIL is transparentviscous liquid from light yellow to greenish-brown color, easily soluble in nonpolar and chlorinated organic solvents, sparingly soluble, but readily emulsifiable in water.
GRIPILdoes not contain any carcinogenic and toxic substances.
Mechanism of action of GRIPIL is based on formation of semipermeablefilm on oilseed rape pods, which preventsswellingof pods under action of atmospheric moisture and keeps them from cracking under drying.
GRIPIL is applied by spraying the plants with working solution, which is prepared in a tanksprayer immediatelybefore use. Working solution is not recommended to store more than2 days.
Recommended consumption of GRIPIL is 1.0-1.3 liter per hectare, which correspond to 250-350 liter of working solution per hectare.
Sprayingis carried out 3-4 weeks before harvest during brighteningthe greenpodsof a rape. Spraying can be carried out the whole day using any conventionalsprayer. For the effective actionof GRIPIL spraying should provide fogwetting ofthe plants. After treatment sprayer is rinsed thoroughly with water.
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