Concentrate of E and F vitamins from rapeseed oil

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Specification BY 100050710.094-2005

Vitamin fortification of the feed for animal and poultry, getting meat with fundamentally new consumer properties (low cholesterol content).
Field of application:

  •     agriculture
  •     livestock and poultry


Appearance oily liquid with yellow color, (the presence of slime and sludge is nor allowed)
Density at 20 ºС, g/cm3 0,89–0,91
Mass concentration of Еvitamin, not less then, % 1,8
Mass concentration of F vitamin, not less then, % 20

Concentrate advantages :

  • concentrate is the balanced mixture of natural vitamins and other valuable biologically active compounds, extracted from plant material which characterized by higher biological activity in comparison with synthetic vitamin products;
  • low content of  peroxide and carbonyl oxidation products;
  • the use of the concentrate for fatting of broiler chickens significantly increases the safety and average daily gain, decreases the cholesterol and total lipids content in serum and in poultry meat, reduces feed consumption and increases the biological value of meat chickens;
  • concentrate usage allows to produce food with low cholesterol contentfor medical and dietary

The production of  E and  F  vitamins  concentrate from rapeseed oil is mastered on the plant «Grodnobioproduct».
 Cooperation forms:
1.   Joint production
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2.   Saleof non-exclusive license to use technology concentrate of vitamins E and
Тел.: +375 (17) 3286146