Disinfectant «VALISAN»

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Patent BY № 11411
TY BY 100050710.089-2006

Disinfection of stock-raising, poultry farms and auxiliary buildings and their equipment, bee-gardens, vivarium, laboratories and vehicles as well. “Valisan” is a high-performance disinfectant affecting a wide spectrum of pathogens causing bacterial (including TB), virus and fungus diseases (including atypical mycobacteria) and has a good adsorbability as a deodorizer.

Field of application:

  •     agriculture
  •     medicine
  •     vehicle


    form grey-beige powder
   packed density, g/dm3 700–750
   рН of an aqueous suspension 2.7–4.5
   mass fraction of an active substance, % 0.01–0.25
   consumption, g/m2 50

Advantages of the disinfectant «Valisan»:

  • is the agent of a combined action (has a high efficiency to a wide spectrum of pathogens causing bacterial, virus    and fungus diseases as well as a good absorbability as a deodorizer);
  • has a durable action;
  • no potential allergic hazard for animals and people contacting with them (the disinfectant can be used in the presence of people and animals);
  • no cancer and mutagenic activity;
  • increases agriculture productive efficiency due to preservation of cattle head and poultry;
  • simple in use;
  • the technology of the  disinfectant «Valisan» production iswasteless and environmentally friendly

Packaging: 25­–30 kg bags
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