Disinfectant “Navisan 1”

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Disinfectant “Navisan 1” is used for  comprehensive “cold”  disinfection of the premises and facilities of the  food industry enterprises, living  and accommodation spaces, transport facilities. Disinfectiant “Navisan 1” has high bactericidal activity with respect to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria including colibacillus, staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella, yeast, mycelia fungus, microbacteria, tuberculosis.

Field of application:

  • agriculture
  • living and accommodation spaces
  • transport facilities
  • food industry


Form Transparent colorless liquid
Mass fraction of an active substance, % 20.0–25.0
Process solution concentration, % 0.1–1.0
Exposition time, min 5–20
Working temperature, º С 1–25

The advantages of the disinfectant “Navisan 1”:
-          microorganism  fastness to the  disinfectant “Navisan 1”is absent;
-          no need to flush the disinfectant from the surfaces (disinfectant decomposes on the 
           active oxygen and water);
-          disinfectant should be used for the circulating and wastewater disinfection;
-          disinfectant  is recommended  for the aerosol disinfection with usage of the equipment”cold fog”
Implementation:the production  of the disinfectant “Navisan 1”was organized at the following enterprises of food and meat,  milk industry of the Republic of Belarus “Savushkin product” (Brest;) ‘”Milk world” (Grodno), “Grodnomolkombinat”, meat-packing factories of Minsk, Pinsk, Grodno, and Lida; Research&Production complex “Navigator” (Grodno); sugar-reprocessors.
Forms of cooperation:ready delivery:Research&Production company “Navigator” (Grodno);
Skidelskoe shosse, 20, 230003, Grodno, Belarus, tel./fax ((0152) 99 12 75;  99 12 69)
License and technological documentation  sale:
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