Technical detergents "NAVISAN-NM"


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Designed for complex cleaning of membranes of micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration units of whey, milk and other food products. Means are used to treat membranes from contaminants of various kinds - protein, fat and mineral.

Means "NAVISAN-NM" are manufactured in three names:

  • technical enzymatic detergent ;
  • technical alkaline detergent ;
  • technical acid detergent.

Areas of use:      food industry

Competitive advantages:

  • the use of a complex of detergents allows to increase the productivity of milk whey processing by improving the quality of washing filtration units;
  • in terms of technical and economic indicators, it surpasses the best foreign analogues: it can be used at lower temperatures and at lower concentrations, while the processing time is reduced by 20-25% in comparison with the existing analogues;
  • has a long shelf life of drugs;
  • estimated price is 1.5-2 times lower than foreign analogues;
  • the manufacturing technology of the complex of technical detergents "Navisan-NM" is waste-free, has no negative impact on the environment.

Mastering in production:

Production is organized at PCC Consumer Products Navigator LLC, Grodno.

Commercial offer:

  • sale of a license for technological documentation for the organization of production;
  • sale of finished products PCC Consumer Products Navigator LLC, Grodno (230003, Republic of Belarus, Grodno, Skidelskoe shosse, 20A/2; tel./fax +375 (152) 68-50-99, 68- 53-31: e-mail: