Polyelektrolite hydrogels "GISINAR" (PEHG) for semi-dry treatment of crop seeds

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Patent of the Republic of Belarus  № 7274

Trechnical Conditions of the Republic of Belarus10005070.084-2005.  «Gisinar» Hydrogels, Polyelectrolitic
Sertificate of State Hygienic Registration, Ministry of Heath the Republic of Belarus 
№ 08-33-0.277690 of 15.12.2005.; number of State Hygienic Registration Сз-0.1010-0512
PEHG is intended to use as a component of protective-stimulating compositions used during pre-sowing treatment of seeds of winter rye, spring wheat, barley and oat. PEHG acts as a sticking agent swelling under moisture conditions. Protective-stimulating compositions contain additionally chemical control agents for plants (disinfectants), phytohormones and complex of microelements.
Application fields

  • Grain production
  • Characteristics:                                                                                               
form viscous liquid
Mass fraction of dry substance, %:  
      grade А 2–7
      grade B 15–25
pH of 10% water solution 6–8
Conditional viscosity, no less than, с:  
      grade А 15–170
      grade B 20–200


  • PEHG is prepared based on waste products (hazardous for invironment) of polyacrylonitrile fiber production
  • PEHG «Gisinar» production is wasteless and nonpolluting
  • PEHG  application  increases harvest by 4-6 centner per hectare at average crop capacity of 30-40 centner per hectare
  • the product cost is several times lower than that of the analogous products
 Manufacturing application:

Non-exclusive licence on PEHG «Gisinar» production is transferred to «Shauer Product» Ltd. (BY).
Forms of production: Plastic barrel of 10 l capacity with a liquid product 
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