Magnetic Sorbents

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 Magnetic sorbents are intended for the purification of the industrial wastes containing metal ions  (wastes of the galvanic manufacturers).
·         chemical industry;
·         instrument engineering.
Characteristics of the sorbent:

  • aqueous suspension with black color;
  • allows to purify the wastes of the galvanic manufactures to the level below maximum permissible concentration;
  • usage of the sorbents allows to reduce the purification time into 5-6 times and to reduce the volume of the deposits into 2-3 times in comparison with  other wastes cleaning methods.

The system of purification includes:

  • correctionpH of the purified water;
  • addition of the sorbent and mixing of the received suspension;
  • magnetic or sedimentation separation of the sorbents.

 The basic advantages of the magnetic sorbents:

  • the duration of the waste cleaning is lower in comparison with reagent method;
  • high efficiency of the purification;
  • small volume of the formed deposits
  • the sorbents are not toxic and do not require additional safety measures
  • the worked-outsorbents can be utilized as the pigments, polishing pastes, catalysts, agglomerating additives used in manufactureof  pig-iron.

Implementation:The technology has been implemented at Plant«Etalon» (Belarus, Minsk)
Forms of cooperation:
-         sorbent custom manufacturing;
-         sale of a license;
-         joint production