TP Sorbent

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The  sorbent is intended  for the absorption or isolation of  micro impurity ions of radioactive elements, non-ferrous metals and ammonium ions in the presence of large quantities of the accompanying salts.
·  purification of the galvanic wasters from non–ferrous metal ions;
·  removal of radioactive cesium and strontium nuclide from drinking water;
·  removal of radioactive cesium and strontium nuclide from the solutions with high concentration of various salts;
·  removal of ammonium ions from fish reservoirs and from the containers intended for fish transportation
Ceolitelike Sorbent is produced in the form of granules
Technical Characteristics of Ceolitelike Sorbent:

inorganic polymer with grey-yellow color on various carriers  
it has zeolite structure with the particle sizes, mm 0.5−1.0
density, kg /dm3 0.8−0.9
sorption ability in respect to  heavy metal ions, mole/kg 1.5−3.5
sorption ability in respect to  ammonium ions, mole/kg ≥ 3.0
quantity of purified water at the target component content equal to 5 mg/l in drinking
water with water hardness 2 mmol/l, l
≥ 30000
regeneration, % ≥ 98−99

·     high selectivity in the presence of water hardness salts;
·     convenient and practical usage form;
·     universality (purification of drinking water, galvanic wasters and  liquid food substances);
·    high dynamic capacity;
·     nontoxic for a human, water fauna, animal and plants;
·     the worked-outsorbents can beused as the additive to premixes, disinfectants, pigments, etc.
 Forms of cooperation:
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