TP Sorbent

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The sorbent is intended for the removal of heavy metal and ammonium ions from the solutions with complex compositions, containing the  ions of water hardness in concentration exceeding target components2−3 times.

  • purification of drinking water and galvanic wastes from heavy metals ions in concentrations range from 20 to 0,01 mg/l and lower in the presence of water hardness ions in concentration of 20−80 mg /l;
  • purification of wine materials from the excessive content of calcium ions in concentrations from 250 -80 mg /l;
  • purification of wine materials intended for the sparkling wines from the excess of iron ions;
  • water purification from ammonium ions for the fish industry


Characteristics of the TP Sorbent:

inorganic polymer with white color with layered structure with the particles size 20-5 mm on various carriers, produced in the form of granules, dense disks, disks of ceramic-metal membranes, fibres, etc.  
density, kg/m3 0.4−0.9
sorption abilitywith respect to heavy metal ions, mol/kg 1.5−3.5
sorption ability  with respect to ammonium ions, mol/kg ≥ 3.0
volume of purified water in case of target component content - 5 mg/l in water with  hardness 2 mmol/l, l  
≥ 10000
regeneration, % ≥ 98−99
at the contact with water the sorbent does not decompose and does not evolve the harmful substances  


Advantages of the TP Sorbent:

  • high selectivity in the presence of water hardness salts;
  • convenient and practical application form;
  • universality (purification of drinking water, wastes, liquid food substances);
  • high dynamic capacity;
  • nontoxic for a human, water fauna, animal and plants;
  • allows to save power resources while purifying raw wine materials with excessive content of calcium ions (when compared to purification by low-temperature treatment).

 Forms of cooperation: 

  • sorbent custom manufacturing;
  • sale of a license;
  • joint production