Coagulant-flocculating agent

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Coagulant-flocculantagent is used for thepurification of wastewater from insoluble impurities, acceleration of sedimentation of fine particle impurities and emulsified substances, sewage clarification and decolouration.
Application field:

  • industrial enterprises and municipal utilities
  • fish- and meat-processing enterprises
  • metalworking enterprises
  • pulp and paper industry
  • petroleum-refining industry
  • agricultural enterprises, etc. 

Organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters:

Appearance Granules of an uncertain form, powder, suspension (grey-coloured)
Mass fraction of the primary substance, %, no less than 9.5
Mass fraction of the water-insoluble residue,
%, no more than

Process temperature, ° C 6-30
pH 3.5–1.0
Consumption of the reagent, g/m3 0.2–1.0


  • manufacturing of the COAGULANT-FLOCCULATING AGENT is import-, material- and resource-serving;
  • manufacturing of the  COAGULANT-FLOCCULATING AGENT  is  environmentally friendly

The granulated and the powdery COAGULANT-FLOCCULATING AGENT is packed in the paper or polyethylene bags.
The suspended COAGULANT-FLOCCULATING AGENT is packed in polyethylene barrels, jerricans or tank-cars according to the technical legal standards in force.
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