New Polyols Production Technology

Technology for the Synthesis of New Polyols from Secondary and Natural Raw Materials for the Production of Polyurethane Materials.

Specifications BY100050710/203-2118

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The problem of processing and using secondary raw materials is very relevant in the world. Рolyols are one of the 2 main components for the creation of polyurethane materials in the construction industry: foams, self-leveling floors.

Application: сonstruction industry.

Mechanism of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) depolymerization:


- viscosity 2400 cP;

- hydroxyl number 256 mg KOH/g.

Technology advantages:

1. The technology is resource-saving, because for the production of polyols, secondary raw materials (PET) are used.

2. Complete or partial replacement of castor oil when creating polyurethane materials.

3. Improving the ecology of the process due to the processing of secondary polymers with long periods of decomposition

4. Reducing the cost of each ton of polyurethane foam by 5-10% by reducing the cost of the polyol itself by 15-20%.

Implementation: it is used at company "VMS-Tehno" when receiving self-leveling polyurethane floors.