Petroleum Polymerizate Production by Catalytic Method









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Petroleum polymerizate (PP) is an analog of petroleum polymer drying oil and is intended for use as the film-formers in paints. Coatings on the basis of PP (varnish NP-114 and enamel NP-115) exhibit good adhesion to glass, wood, metal that is not sensitive to the atmosphere exposure.

Used In:

  • varnish and paint industries
  • pulp and paper industry
  • tire industry
  • construction industry

Technical Characteristics:

color according to the iodometric scale, mg I2/100 cm3


relative viscosity by 20 C, s


weight part of nonvolatile compounds, %


compatibility with vegetable oil


Technological advantages of the petroleum resins production:

  • since the technology utilizes C9–fraction obtained as a result of the complex petroleum refining, it requires less materials and resources to produce PR
  •  allows ecological improvement due to the wasteless production of PR and replacement of phenol-formaldehyde resins in the flake boards
  •  replacement of a the vegetable oil with cheaper synthetic film-former used in the pains, rosins, latexes‚ phenol-formaldehydes, indene-coumaron and other resins
  •  reduced power expenditures relative to thermal polymerization


Public corporation «Zavod gornogo voska» (Svisloch, Belarus) has produced the experimental batch of PP for varnish NP-114 and enamel NP-115.

Forms of Cooperation:
We see various ways of collaboration from the joint research projects to selling the developed know-how and implementation of the proposed technological process at the Customers’ facilities. We also consider possible to produce the petroleum polymerizate resins for a Customer