Technology of hydrolytic removal of electricmotor stator windings

Patent of Belarus  №8827

The original composition and technology have been developed for hydrolytic removal of electric motor stator windings.
Range of application:
electrical repair shops
Physical chemical characteristics of the working solution:

appearance Colorless transparent solution containing white gel-like sediment
density of 10 % solution  at 20 °С, g/см3 1.2−1.3
hydrogen ions concentration  of 10% solution   (рН) 10–12
solid residue mass fraction, % 20±5

Composition service performance:

danger class 3
operating temperature, °С 60–70
processing time, hour 3–4
retention cycle, years 2


  • exclusion of active steel interleave insulation damage
  • preservation of electric motor stator case  geometric parameters
  • improved quality of repair owing to taking more accurate windings data
  • no harmful substances emission
  • solid wastes safe utilization
  • safety in operation at solution temperature up to 100 °С.

Manufacturing application: The technology is applied to enterprises of «Belelectroremont».
Forms of cooperation:  Sale of licenses to use the technology; sale of technological documentation to obtain the solution, making solution delivery contracts, joint production