Technology of Electroplating Deposition of Hardening Coatings on the Base of Nickel and Ultra-Dispersed Tungsten or Molybdenum Oxides

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Surface hardening of component working in conditions of mechanical wear, friction and raising load by means of composite coatings "metal-oxide" deposition from electrolyte-suspension
Region of application:

  • machine-building
  • instrument making
  • automotive transport

 Technical parameters:

 range of W or Mo oxide's particles sizes, mm 0.02–10
 content of oxide's particles in nickel electrolyte, g/l 0.01–1
 deposition rate of composite coatings, mm/h 18–20
 metal-oxide composite coatings:  
 oxides content in coatings (weight %) 0.5–4
increasing of wear resistance relative to coatings without  oxide's particles (times)  2–7
increasing of critical load during friction up to destruction in comparison with individual nickel (times)  


  • low cost of oxides synthesizing with new high effective methods
  • oxide's ability to codeposit with metal from standard electroplating bathes with preservation of their operation conditions
  • low effective oxide's concentration in electrolyte
  • increasing of composite coating's wear resistance, microhardness and decreasing of frictional coefficient relative to coatings without oxide's particles
  • stability of composite coating's properties in high-temperature working conditions

 Options for collaboration:
You can purchase the technology know-how. We can manufacture small series of miniature articles with deposited composite coatings