Technology of Antifrictional Pb-Sn-Sb, Pb-Sn-Cu Coatings Deposition

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Deposition of antifrictional coatings on wearing metal surfaces. The coating's electroplating technology is based on utilization of triple-component's alloys with higher hardness and wear resistance in comparison with two-component's alloy Pb-Sn.
Region of application:
manufacturing or restoration of frictional nodes ( e.g., bearing bushes)
Technical parameters:

 frictional coefficient    £ 0.06
 microhardness, H50, Mpa  90–115
 coating's adhesion to substrate, N/mm2  800 and more
 destruction strength, kg  up to 500
 degree of attrition in comparison with Pb-Sn alloys, times  less in1.5–2
 deposition rate, mm/min  1–1.5



  • simplicity of electrolyte's exploitation
  • high working thickness of coatings (up to 300 mm)
  • possibility of simultaneous coating's deposition on large detail's quantity
  • good running-in of rubbing surfaces
  • low wearing of counter-body

Options for collaboration:
You can purchase the technology know-how. We can manufacture small series of miniature articles with deposited antifrictional coatings.