Direct Electrochemical Plating of Copper and Nickel on Steel, Gray Iron, Aluminium, Zink and their Alloys

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The technologies serve for production of copper and nickel coatings on steel, gray iron, zinc-aluminium- copper alloys without the operation of intermediate sublayer deposition

Possible applications: 

  •  details of automobiles, tractors, devices, refrigerators
  •  production of items suitable to soldering and hermetic sealing of rifled connections
  •  finishing the sanitary technicians, rooms, devices
  • manufacture of accessories for furniture, clothes, footwear, apartments

Technical characteristics of coatings:

  • any demanded thickness from one tenth up to tens of microns
  • decorative exterior (lusrexless and bright coatings);
  • good adhesion of coatings: absence of blisterings, crackings, stability to thermal impact, capability of mechanical and chemical finish machining;
  • coatings execute protective functions, being pore-free already at a thickness of 6–10 µm
  • high corrosion resistance

Technical characteristics of solutions:  

  • the absence of toxic and ecologically dangerous substancies, weakly alkaline medium in electrolytes
  • electrolytes are stable in a work
  • high rate of metal plating (up to 30–60 µm/hour)


  • technologies are material- and resource saving owing to simple compositions of electrolytes                                                    
  • operations of special sublayer plating are excluded
  • usual equipment for plating plants
  • ecological safety, stability of their composition and properties

Implementation: The technology is implemented on the Minsk experimental accessories plant
 Forms of cooperation:

  • sale of the fabrication documentation
  • help in technology implementation
  • manufacturing of items by the order (small series)
  • sale of the licenses
  • joint production