Electrochemical Plating of Copper-Containing Protective and Decorative Colored Coatings

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The technology is used for production of corrosion protective and wear resistant coatings with decorative appearance anddifferent colors (gold, bronze, brass, red etc.)


Used In:
Production of accessories for:
Protective decorative finishing of:
sanitary appliances
machine tools

Technical Characteristics of Coatings:

  • ultra fine grain structure (size of grains depends on coating color and varies from tens of nanometer up to 200 nm)
  • dense arrangement of grains; absence of pores
  • thickness of the colored layer from 0.2–0.3 µm up to 2.5 µm (depending on the coating color)
  • copper sub-layer thickness (when its application is required) from 6 to 10–15 µm
  • wear resistance and corrosion resistance is at the level of a bright nickel and above
  • wide range of coating colors like «GOLD» , «BRONZE», «BRASS», «RED», «PINK» etc.
  •  high reproducibility of coating color and its stability when storing the items

Operating Characteristics of Solutions:

  • stability of electrolytes 
  • room temperatures of working solutions
  • ecological safety (no cyanide-ions and organic components dangerous for environment are present)


  • reproducibility of coating color
  • decrease in the number of operations, their cost and consumption of materials in 1.5–2 times
  • only widely used equipment of plating plants is required
  • no need in heating and stirring of solutions
  • absence of toxic and ecologically dangerous materials
  • variations on the coating color can be obtained when using one and the same solution
  • coatings can be deposited on items of different chemical nature such as metals, alloys, dielectrics

Implementation: The technology is implemented at Minsk Experimental Accessories Plant
Forms of cooperation:

  • sale of technological documentation
  • manufacturing of items on order (small series)
  • license sale
  • sale of the concentrates for solution manufacturing
  • joint production