Metallization of Functional Piezoceramic

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  • replacement of silver-containing pastas
  • elimination of necessity of ceramics roasting in inert atmosphere 


Region of application:                                                                                     

  • narrow band filters for TV- and radio receivers
  • piezoceramic sensors of ultrasound detectors of liquids and gases             
  • piezoceramic elements of ultrasound medical devices
  • antenna elements

Technical characteristics of metallic coating:

Parameters Сu Ni-P
Electrical resistance, Om·m (1.8−2.0)·10-8 (6−8)∙10-7
Adhesion strength, N/m 800−1200 900−1500
Capacity to soldering easily soldered, resolderings are possible soldered with active flux
Stability in ultrasound field, months - not less than 6
Depth of metal coating, µm 2−15 and more 2−15 and more


  • economy of silver
  • keeping of high Q-factor (reserve up to 1000 it.) of metallized ceramic parts at temporary and thermal stability of other parameters
  • capability to put coatings with depth from some up to 30–40 µm at small spread of thickness
  • capability to metallize of narrow cylindrical holes
  • capability to product coatings, which are capable of long-lived exploitation in ultrasound field
  • decrease of the cost of metal coating'sdeposition process in 2–3 times

Manufacture of  metallizing ceramic samples on the base of SRI of Physical and Chemical  Problems of the Belarusian State University in interest of scientific striking Republic unitary enterprise «Elkerm» (Minsk) for following utilizing on factories «Horizont», «Sputnik»

Forms of cooperation:  Deposition of Cu or Ni-P coatings on ceramic units and parts in accordance with technical requirements of Customer