Technology of Electroless Gold Platingand Solutions for this Process

 Patent of Belarus N5520

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The technology is used for electroless (catalytic) plating of thin gold coatings from adjustable stable solutions on a surface of items with a sublayer. Coating can be deposited on to items of any form and of various chemical nature after a special sublayer deposition.

The technology and solutions can be used for

  • printed circuit boards
  • printed wiring boards of credit cards                                                
  • contacts in radio and electronic devices
  • chip cases
  • watches
  • medical tools, including acupuncture needles
  • jewelleryarticles

Technical Characteristics of Coatings:

  • thickness is 0.1–0.3 µm
  • exterior is of a pure gold color; bright or semi-bright
  • resistant to corrosion: there were no corrosion spots and the alternations in appearance registered when testing in moist atmosphere for more than 7 days
  • absence of the exterior changes when storing at a period of 7–10 years and more
  • capability for ultrasonic bonding, soldering and repeated contacting (similar to electrochemically deposited gold coatings 2–4 µm in thickness)
  • uniformity and reproducibility of coating thickness ± 0.05 µm
  • adhesion: does not peal and crack during intensive rubbing up to the total use; adhesion strength is more than 1000 N/m (flaking test)

Operating Characteristics of Solutions:

  • used solutions are stable when at storage for one year and more
  • possibility of the adjustment of solutions
  • deposition rate of gold is 2.5 µm/h
  • area of gold coating deposited from 1 liter of solution is about 0.5 m2
  • solution temperatureis60–90 0C

concentration of gold compounds if converting to metal is not more than 2 g/l


Advantages of the Technology:

simple installation and equipment
technology is ecologically safe (there are no free cyanide ions)
it is possible to use chloride complexes of gold
about ten times less gold is used in comparison with the galvanic gold coatings without deterioration of coating properties

Introduction: The technology is protected by Belarussian patent and is implemented at two plants: scientific-industrial associations Integral (Minsk) and Korall (Gomel)
Forms of Cooperation: Technology sale, license sale, production of solutions on order