Production Technology of Heat-Resistant Nickel-based Multilayer Coating

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The coating is used in the production of under spinner cooler in manufacturing of glass and basalt threads, laser and electro-optical transducer equipment, lighting facilities, soldering irons and other articles operating at high-temperatures
(up to 850 °С).
Field of application:

  • machine-building
  • instrument-making
  • petrochemistry


coating thickness  (depending on the field of application), μm 10÷100
wear-resistance (weight loss)  3–10 times higher than that of a nickel coating
thermal stability and high-temperature strength (without deterioration of the operating characteristics), °С
up to 850
heat conductivity at the level of a copper coating
microhardness, N/mm2 6000÷12000 (is according to a hard chromium sample)
corrosion stability in salt spray and sulfur dioxide media
2–5 times higher than that of nickel coating


  • an operation life of  manufactured articles increased into 2–3 times in comparison with the best world analogues
  • the quality of glass threads produced is improved (a depositing multilayered coating is dense, smooth, homogeneous, porousless)
  • transducer equipment can be used under more severe operating conditions: high temperature and humidity; drastic temperature differences, dew, solar irradiations, etc.
  • low operating temperature(25–40 °С)
  • no need in re-equipment of galvanic arrears
  • high chemical stability of the coating
  • the technology is resource- and material-saving  


  • JSC «Polatsk-Glass fiber», in manufacturing of under spinner coolers in glass thread production
  • RUE «Mechanical plant named after S.I.Vavilov», in the production of strikers and bushes for defense industry
  • RUE «Minsk electromechanical plant», in the production of guide structures for tractors and trucks

 Forms of cooperation: supply agreements for chemical solutions, sale of licenses, and organization of joint production.