Technology of electrochemical deposition of two-layer iron-diamond /nickel-boron-diamond composite coating for production of faceting disks

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The faceting disks with composite coating nickel-boron-diamond, iron are used for polishing of diamond rough and for grinding in brilliant production.
Technologybased on the usage of electrochemical plating for deposition of composite coating nickel-boron-diamond, iron characterized by the enhanced hardness as well as wear and corrosion resistance.
Field of application:
Jewelry manufacture
Plating solution and Ni-B coating characteristics:

coating deposition rate, mm/h 25−50
deposition temperature, °С 30−40
 coating microhardness, GPa
           - after thermal treatment (300 °С), GPa
wear resistance, mm3 0,2×10-5
 the boron-containing composite exhibits high durability and chemical stability

  • The composite coating increase  wear resistance of faceting disks into 1,3 times
  • Polishing rate enhances by 30-40%
  • Material and electric power consumptions exhibit decrease by 20-30% and 8-12% respectively.
  • Nickel-boron deposition technology is material- and resource-saving.
 «PPA Crystal» plant (Gomel, Belarus) - faceting disks
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