Solutions set for aerosol-jet metallization used for the production of holographic signs

Industrial patent of RB № 5295
TC RB 100050710.052-2002


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Set of solutions for aerosol-jet metallization of dielectrics used for production of conductive metal coatings which
are employed for fabrication of the electrotyped copies during manufacturing the holographic signs
Field of application:
holographic signs for different purposes (National bank, State standard, etc.)

Specifications of the solution:

 appearance  Homogeneous aqueous solution of red-brown color,  odorless
 time of formation of conductive layer, s  5–10
 nickel mass ratio, %  0,8–1,0
 pH of solution  6,2–6,6


  • technology of aerosol-jet metallization is simple and universal
  • high speed (5-10 s) formation of the conductive coating on dielectric surface (polyacryl and others)
  • green technology for production of holographic signs (employs water recycling as well as recuperation and utilization of spent solutions)
  • material- and resource-saving technology
  • low price of solutions (10 times lower than that of analogues)
  • Implementation:Low-capacity manufacture was organized on basis of RI PCP BSU (Certificate of in-house product № 3/6584-2, issued by Belarusian Commercial and Industrial Chamber, 27 th of December, 2005)