Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems
of the Belarusian State University

Laboratory of structural and chemical modification of polymers

Лаборатория структурно-химического
модифицирования полимеров 

The laboratory was established in 1989, The Head of the laboratory is L. Krul, D. Sc., Professor, Honored Worker of BSU.

Directions of the research activity:

• development for scientific bases of creation of materials based on water-soluble and biodegradable polymers;
• development of new methods for production of composite materials preparation with controllable rheological, adhesive and electrical and optical properties;
• synthesis and investigation of new alicyclic and heterocyclic compounds for the deriving polymers of different classes with increased resistance to heat and light aging.


Main achievements:

• principles of synthesis of adhesively-active and water-soluble polymers and creation on thier base of adhesive compositions for bonding paper to glass and other hard surfaces as well as polyelectrolyte hydrogels with controlled water-absorbing and adhesive properties and good compatibility with the components of the protective-stimulating compositions in crop appointments have been developed;
• the ability has been  proven to replace titanium fixing elements used in domestic medical practice in surgery of bone fractures in the maxillofacial area with the retainers on the basis of biodegradable polylactides obtained from lastic acid homopolymers that is important owing to possibility to exclude reoperation for removsl of titanium retainers after bone healing;
• it has been determined that the phase structure of thin films of poly-L-lactide formed on the substrate during the deposition of active gas phase ensures their swelling in an aqueous medium, that can justify approptiateness to use of additives poly-L-lactide additives as a component of the antibacterial coating of implants accelerating the release of biocidal additives;
• method for polymethyl methacrylate modifying by copolymerization with polar monomers (acrylic acid and methacrylic acid, methacrylamide) that provide the synthesis of  heat-resistant and termostable organic glasses with good adhesion to silica glass, on the basis of which, a new polymeric material for recording of phase holograms used as microdisplay in automotive glass has been created;
• methods of synthesis light heat stabilizers of the hindered amines class have been developed and the effectiveness of their stabilizing effect in polyolefins has been investigated;
• polystyrene scintillators for dosimetry and radiometry have beensynthesized. 


• glue compositions based on water-soluble polymers;
• technologies of  ε-caprolactam and udustial oil regeneration from industrial waste production of oil;
• technology of production of  polyelectrolyte hydrogels for pre-sowing treatment of crop seeds «Gisinar» (Bronze Medal at the VI Moscow International fair of innovations and investments in 2006 y. and Diploma at X International Exhibition-congress «High Tech. Innovations. Investitions», St. Petersburg -2005), technology has been masterd at Co.LTD Shayer group. 


Main publications:                              
  1. Krul L.P. Heterogeneous Structure and Properties of the Grafted Polymer Materials. Minsk: Universitetskoe, 1986. – 238 p. (in Russian)
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