Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems
of the Belarusian State University

Rudakov Dmitry

Senior Researcher of theLaboratory of cellulose solutions and products of their treatment of the Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems
of the Belarusian State University.

h-index (Scopus)–6 
1997 - 2002  Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk
Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology
Specialty:Technology of electrochemical industry
2009 - 2011         State Institution of Education "Researchers Training Institute National Academy of Sciences of Belarus", Minsk
Specialty:Innovation Management
Qualification:Economic manager
Current research activity, main achievements

At present, the scientific interest concerns the technology producing activated carbons in the presence of activators and the use of the obtained coals as sorbents, as electrodes for supercapacitors.
Previous achievements and studies the electrochemistry of organic compounds was concerned. In this direction was studied the processes of electrochemical dimerization of acetylacetone and acetoacetic ether; Oxidation of chenodeoxycholic acid (for the purpose of subsequent reversal of the positions of hydroxyl groups); Synthesis of iron, cobalt and nickel chelate complexes with dimer of acetylacetone; Halogenation of bis(1,2-dicarbollyl)cobalt(III) (a synergistic additive compound for nuclear waste processing solutions by UNEX technology); Bromination and methylation of bis(1,2-dicarbyllyl)iron(III); Bromination, iodination and thiocyanation of potassium 7,8-dicarba-nido-undecaborate and its C-methyl derivatives.
The studies of 3D-aromatic systems of carboranes (ortho-, meta- and para-) and a derivative of 7,8-dicarba-nido-undecaborate was concerned. In the attitude to these compounds systematic studies were carried out to determine the regularities of influences of (electron-withdrawing and steric) substituents on the reactivity of carboranes, as well as the regularities of regioselective deborination the products of halogenation of carborane closo-structures. As a result of the work, the assortment of halogenated ortho-carboranes containing various halogens has been significantly expanded, for the first time pentabromated ortho-carborane (4,8,9,10,12-Br5-1,2-C2B10H7) was obtained. It is determined the increase of acidity the polyhalogenated dicarba-nido-undecaborates and the ease of cleavage of the terminal H-atom under the action of alkali are confirmed by 11B NMR spectroscopy data. Previously unused approaches for the preparation of iodine and chloroderivatives of carboranes have been proposed. It is identified earlier unknown correlation dependencies in the 11B NMR spectra of substituted dicarba-nido-undecaborates which was complemented the previously formulated μH-rule by S.Hermanek (Czech Republic) and was expanded the data about the donor-acceptor effects of substituents and the H-tautomeric behavior the nido-clusters. The problems connected with: "benchmark" signal in 11B NMR spectra of asymmetric dicarba-nido-undecaborates; with unusual cross-peak B(9)-B(11) in 11B-11B COSY NMR spectra of disubstituted B(9)-B(11), as well as C-substituted dicarba-nido-undecaborates were fixed and solved. For the purposes of boron neutron capture therapy of cancer, in conjunction with prof. S.E. Ul’yanenko from the A.Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center (Russia, Obninsk), medical-biological behavior (distribution in organs and tissues) of sodium salt Na+[9-SCN-7,8-C2B9H11]- labeled with 131I was studied.
The results of scientific research in the field of boron clustered compounds are presented in joint monograph with colleagues from the IPOCH NAS of Belarus —  E.A. Dikusar and Z.P. Zubreichuk.
The amount of data obtained by author in the field of halogen derivatives of ortho-carborane and its derivatives is 30% from the compounds required for writing a doctoral dissertation.
1997/1998  winner of the student Olympiad in inorganic chemistry in Belarusian State Technological University (Minsk)
1998/1999 winner of the student Olympiad in analytical chemistryin Belarusian State Technological University (Minsk)
2007 a scholarship President of the Republic of Belarus
for young scientist without degree
2012 diploma for the best innovative project «CanBLive» (Creation of an enterprise for the production of a drug for BNCT) in the week of business in Belarus (StartupDay) within the framework of the VII Belarusian Innovation Forum
2015 a scholarship President of the Republic of Belarus
for young scientist with degree
List of the selected publications
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