Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems
of the Belarusian State University

Maksimuk Yuri

Leading researcher of the laboratory of fuels, oilsand feeds, Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems of the Belarusian State University
PhD, Associate Professor
h-index (Scopus) – 3;
h-index (Web of Science) –3;
h-index (Google science) – 4

higher education, chemical faculty, Belarusian state university (1987–1993);
PhD (2001);
associate Professor (2011)

1993-2005 – engineer, junior researcher, researcher of the laboratory of thermodynamics for organic compounds;
2005-2010 – senior researcher, leading researcher of the laboratory of fuels, oilsand feeds;
2011 to the present – leading researcher of the laboratory of fuels, oilsand feeds
Current research activity:
  • bomb calorimetry;
  • thermochemistry of fuels and chemical compounds;
  • tests of fuels and chemical products
 List of the selected publications:

1. Maksimuk Y., Ponomarev D., Sushkova A., Krouk V., Vasarenko I., Antonava Z. Standardmolarenthalpyofformationofvanillin// J Therm Anal Calor. 2018
2. Antonova Z.A., Maksimuk Yu.V., Kruk V.S., Kursevich V.N., Fes’ko V.V. Physicochemical properties of water– residual fuel oil emulsions// Chem. Technol. Fuels Oils. 2016. Vol. 51, № 6. P. 719–727.
3. Maksimuk Yu.V., Kruk V.S., Antonova Z.A., Ponomarev D.A., Sushkova A.V. Calculation of the heating value of woodfuel from the elemental composition. Lesnoy zhurnal. (Forest Journal) 2016. № 6. P. 110–121.
4. Antonova Z.A., Krouk V.S., Pilyuk Y.E., Maksimuk Y.V., Karpushenkova L.S., Krivova M.G. Exergy analysis of canola-based biodiesel production in Belarus// Fuel Processing Technology. 2015. Vol.138. P.397–403.
5. Ponomarev D.A., Spitsyn A.A., Maksimuk Yu.V., Mettee H.D., Gorelkin E.V. Establishment of correlation between calorific value and IR-spectra characteristics of wood pyrolytic tars by multidimentional analysis method// Himija rastitel’nogo syr’ja (Chemistry of plant raw material). 2015. № 3. P. 213–214.
6. Maksimuk Y.V., Buglak A.F., Kruk V.S., Antonava Z.A. Rheological properties of residual fuel oil containing fuel blends with bioadditives. Part 1. Rapeseed oil based bioadditives// Chem Technol Fuels Oils. 2013. Vol. 49, №.2. 108-1143.
7. MaksimukYu.V., AntonovaZ.A., Fes’koV.V. Standard enthalpies of combustion and formation for fatty acid esters in the condensed state// Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2012. Vol 86, №.2. P 170-174.
8. Maksimuk Y.V, Antonova Z.A., Fes' ko V.V., Kursevich V.N. Diesel biofuel viscosity and heat of combustion// Chem. Technol. Fuels Oils. 2009. Vol. 45, № 5. P. 343-348.
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