Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems
of the Belarusian State University

Ivanovskaya Mariya

Leading Researcher of the Laboratory of thin films chemistry of the Research Institutеfor Physical Chemical Problems of the Веlаrusiаn State Univеrsitу,   
Ph.D, Associate Professor
Honor Worker of BSU
h-index (Scopus) – 19,
h-index (Google science) – 19,

1971 – graduated Belarusian State University;
1979 – PhD in the field of chemistry.

1971-1989 – researcher,Belarusian State University;
1989-1993 – senior researcher of the Research Institute for Physical-Chemical Problems;
1993 - to present time – leading researcher of the Research Institute for Physical-Chemical Problems;
Current research activity, main achievements

Solid state chemistry of nanosized oxides (SnO2, MoO3, In2O3, Fe2O3, CeO2, ZrO2, La2O3) and oxide composites in applications to catalysis and semiconductor gas sensors.
New gas-sensing materials, highly efficient and selective catalyst for hydrogen technology, magnetic and optical materials with advanced properties have been developed.
International collaboration

Participation  in the European projects: IC15CT96-0803, INTAS №2000-0066, №2001-2162, ICA2-CT-2000-10041, ISTC №3234.
M. Ivanovskaya is the author of more than 400 publications.
List of the selected publications
  1. Kotsikau D., Ivanovskaya M. Influence of structure of Fe2O3−In2O3 nanocomposites on of sensitivity of thin-films sensors on their base // Materials Chemistry and Physics. 2015. Vol.160 Р. 337−344.  http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/113645
  2. Ivanovskaya M., Ovodok E., Golovanov V. The nature of paramagnetic defects in tin (IV) oxide // Chem. Phys. 2015. Vol. 457. Р. 98−105. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0301010415001676
  3. Kotsikau D., Ivanovskaya M., Pankov V., Fedotova Y. Structure and magnetic properties of manganese−zinc-ferrites prepared by spray pyrolysis metod // Solid State Sciences 2015. Vol.39. P. 69−73. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/279291580_Structure_and_magnetic_properties_of_manganese-zinc-ferrites_prepared_by_spray_pyrolysis_method
  4. Ivanovskaya M,  Romanovskaya V., Branitsky G.. Composite materials based on Ti and Ru oxides  // J. Mater. Chem. 1994. Vol. 4. P. 373-377 http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/1994/JM/JM9940400373
  5. Gurlo A., Barsan N., Ivanovskaya M., Weimar U., Göpel W. In2O3 and In2O3-MoO3 thin film semiconductor sensors: interaction with NO2 and O3 // Sensors and Actuators B. 1998. Vol. 47. P.92-99http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925400598000331
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  10. Ivanovskaya M., Kotsikau D., Faglia G., Nelli P. Influence of chemical composition and structural factors of Fe2O3/In2O3 sensors on their selectivity and sensitivity to ethanol //  Sensors and Actuators B. 2003. Vol. 96. P.498-503 http://elib.bsu.by/handle/123456789/9985
  11. Gurlo A., Barsan N, Weimar U., Ivanovskaya M., Taurino A., Siciliano P. Polycrystalline well-shaped blocks of indium oxide obtained by the sol-gel method and their gas-sensing properties //  Chem. Mater. 2003. Vol. 15. P.4377-4383 http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/cm031114n
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