Research Institute for Physical Chemical Problems
of the Belarusian State University

Proteolytic enzymes (a-Chymotrypsinum, Trypsinum, Chymopsinum)

Протеолитические ферменты
a-химотрипсин, трипсин, химопсин

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Trypsinum and chymotrypsinum- proteolytic enzymes of pancreas of backboned animals.  The active proteolytic enzymes cleave peptide bonds (trypsinum on remains Lysand Arg, chymotrypsinum on remains Tyr, Phe and Trp), ensuring a proteolysis up to amino acids and small-sized peptides 
Physical-chemical characteristics:
[ ES ]
Mr 25000
  • lyophilicly dried powder of white color produced from pancreas of cattle
  • specific activity: 2–5 TE
  • stability pH 4.5–6.5
[ ES ]
Mr 23000
  • lyophilicly dried powder or porous weight white with slightly yellowish tint
  • specific activity: 4–8 TE
  • stability pH 3.0–5.5
  • complex of proteolytic enzymes (chymotrypsinum and trypsinum) from pancreas of cattle
  • specific activity: 5–9 TE
  • stability pH 4.5–6.5
in lab-diagnostic practice
  • as selective reactants at structural researches of proteins (chemical-enzymatic synthesis, separation of racemates, resynthesis of peptide and ethereal bonds) 
  • as "intensifying" of ferment labels at immune-ferment microanalysis
  • for production of cell cultures
in medicine
  • as a medicinal remedy for trombophlebitis, purulent-necrotic ulcers, bronchial asthma
  • as remedy for replacing therapy
  • for fermentative clearing of contact lenses
in agriculture and food production
  •  for cheese production

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