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Rust Converter «SUPERANTICOR»

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The proposed rust converter can be used for treatment of the metal surfaces damaged by corrosion, with the subsequent painting. During the treatment protective phosphatic film of dark-grey color with the thickness (surface density) from 2.0 up to 5 g/m2 is formed on the surface of a product
  • industrial installations
  • car industry
  • automotive industry
  • renovation of cars, metal parts and metal constructions
Physical and chemical parameters:
appearance Transparent or slightly turbid liquid from orange to brown color
density at 20 °C, g/cm3 1.15−1.25
gauge concentration of hydrogen ions (pH)  0.5−2.0

Safety requirements:
The concentrate is a hazardous substance. Rubber gloves and eye protection are required for work.
Application Instructions:

  • "Superanticor” can be used for a rust layers up to 50-60 microns thick
  • metallic surfaces should be mechanically cleared of dirt, friable and bedded rusts and degreased
  • the treatment temperature has to be above 5 ° С
  • treated surface can be painted in 24 hours after treatment when the surface becomes dry
  • conversion degree of corrosion products reaches up to 70−90 % (depending on the thickness of a damaged layer)
  • treatment with the rust converter allows to prolong the operational life of the metal products 2–4 times
  • the technology is ecologically safe
  • require simple equipment
  • does not require an additional processing before painting
Implementation:The technology has been implemented at car–service centers (Minsk, Belarus). 

Forms of cooperation:
We see various ways of collaboration from the joint research projects to selling the developed know-how and implementation of the proposed technological process at the Customers’ facilities. We also consider possible to produce the rust converter for a Customer.
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