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Phosphating Concentrate for Corrosion Inhibition «PHP-3»


Концентрат фосфатирующий для
антикоррозионной защиты ФП─3

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The concentrate is used for cold amorphous phosphatization of the steel surfaces by sputtering or dipping before the deposition of paint or powder coatings. It is recommended for treatment of metallic surfaces, which are used in mild climate conditions
 Used In:
  • machine-building
  • instrument-making
Technical characteristics of the concentrate and the phosphate coating produced from it:
Appearance Transparent or slightly turbid liquid
Density at 20 °C, g/cm3 1.15–1.25
Concentration, g/l 24–30
Common acidity, a.u., points 9–13.5
Free acidity, a.u., points 1.5–4.5
Working temperature, °C 15–25
Treatment time, min 5–10
Coating mass, g/m2 0.26–0.85
Corrosive stability (Akimov test), min 60–80

Safety requirements:
The concentrate is a hazardous substance. It is necessary to work in rubber gloves and eye protectors


  • in specified by technical conditions closed container at the temperature not lower than 10 °C
  • the storage warranty period is 1 years from the production date


  • energy supply is not needed for the phosphatization bath heating;
  • decrease of the paint coating consumption in comparison with the crystalline phosphate films;
  • cost reduction by a factor of 1.5 in comparison with the zinc phosphate coating;
  • stability of the concentrate during storage and phosphate treatment;
  • simplicity of equipment
  • technologies of the phosphating concentrate application for corrosion inhibition are material saving and resource saving

The technology has been implemented in the corporations Pulverservice (Minsk) and Bel-For (Dzerzhinsk)
 Forms of cooperation:Signing a contract to produce the concentrate

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